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How Collaborative Studying Options Enhance Engagement Charges

Are collaborative learning solutions best for your company?

Collaborative learning solutions bring your distributed teams together and keep everyone up to date. But is it the right strategy for your company? Can it help your employees fill in gaps faster and improve key skills? This eBook sheds light on collaborative learning, science, best practices, and secrets to choosing the best content provider. Before we dive into the sneak preview, let’s discuss some of the overlooked benefits of introducing a collaborative learning program for your employees.

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How collaborative learning increases engagement rates to over 90%

From benefits to proven strategies, this guide has everything you need to start a successful collaborative learning program for your remote workers!

Unexpected benefits of collaborative learning solutions

Most workforces are made up of different levels of experience, cultures and areas of expertise. Collaborative learning solutions give you the opportunity to get the most out of your team by unlocking the full potential of knowledge sharing. Here are a few overlooked benefits to consider:

Promotes emotional connectivity

Collaborative learning gives employees the opportunity to connect to content on an emotional level instead of just reading about it. They can assign meanings, discuss with their peers, and explore new approaches. In short, they are able to delve into the matter and process important facts and statistics more effectively because it is an emotional experience. Even quick chats with remote employees give them the opportunity to exchange ideas and evaluate the topic from a different perspective.

Provides JIT support

Online learners no longer have to wait until their next formal training session to ask questions or get remote support. Collaborative learning enables them to leverage their peer network for instant help or insight. For example, they’re not sure how to perform a task or avoid general compliance slip-ups. You can jump to the message boards or raise the problem during your next peer coaching session. This also relieves managers and trainers / facilitators, as employees fill in the gaps organically.

Builds better team dynamics

A team that learns together stays together. Collaborative learning solutions help you create a cohesive remote workforce because learners know they can rely on their colleagues. Plus, they all have access to resources that fill skills, performance, and knowledge gaps so they can add even more to your team. For example, they promote interpersonal skills that increase CX scores and prevent conflicts in the workplace. Also, thanks to the collaborative learning activities, they are more likely to develop meaningful working relationships with their colleagues.

Reduces employee turnover

Collaborative learning is one of the most individual L&D strategies as it adapts to the needs of the learner. Someone in need of more one-on-one counseling can seek help from a mentor, while other gaps require group-based activities. As a result, employees are more likely to stay with your company as they receive personalized, ongoing support. As a result, your company will reduce its recruiting and training costs for new employees by retaining top performers.

About this eBook

Whether you’re an L&D professional looking for new ways to connect with your online learners or an HR manager needing to increase employee retention rates, this collaborative learning guide offers invaluable insights. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find inside:

  • 3 prime examples of collaborative learning in the workplace
  • Facts and Statistics: Science and data that support successful collaborative learning strategies
  • 3 Undeniable Benefits of Collaborative Learning for Teleworking Teams
  • 4 stress-free steps to creating a collaborative learning environment
  • Traditional training barriers that overcome collaborative learning activities
  • Potential Pitfalls: 3 Common Collaborative Learning Mistakes (And Top Tips To Avoid Them)
  • 3 Secret Tips on Choosing the Right Collaborative Training Platform to Drive Business Growth
  • From theory to practice: 3 collaborative learning solutions in action

You will receive tips on how to leverage the power of collaborative learning for performance management, competency development, and other popular training use cases.


Are you looking for inside secrets to change attitudes towards online training and actively involve employees in the process? Download the eBook on How Collaborative Learning Raises Engagement Rates to Over 90% to learn how the collaborative approach breaks down barriers and maximizes your company’s L&D potential.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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