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Hidden journey gem in India: Quaint Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a picturesque historic border town in the colorful state of Rajasthan in India.

  1. Jaisalmer has several attractions to offer, as became clear at an event on June 29, 2021.
  2. The event was organized by the PHD Chamber of Commerce, where speakers – both officials and others – spoke enthusiastically about the fortified city on the border with Pakistan.
  3. Spokespeople said the city has a lot to offer to tourists from home and abroad.

It has also been suggested that the historic city faces some challenges and problems that are hindering the growth of tourism. But first the pluses.

As a border town, Jaisalmer offers the opportunity to take a look at the other side of life in India. With its presence, the Border Security Force offers a lot for the visitors.

The area is home to great cuisine that attracts many visitors in itself. Second, there are 7 popular temples, but few of them are advertised. People only know the desert part of the region, but not so much the lakes. The Indira Gandhi Canal itself is a real feast for the eyes.

Migratory birds are another major draw, as are the 20+ handicrafts local artisans have employed.

But now on the other side of the fence, so to speak.

Connectivity is a big problem in the area as airlines don’t regularly fly to the city, which is home to several good hotels. Several chains have developed hotels in the city, as have the locals, including Bhim Singh, who is a major player for tourists from near and far.

Second, there is only one point from which to see the boundary while there could possibly be four. Several restrictions on movement in the areas are also irritating for tourists.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is an Indian government agency subordinate to the Ministry of Culture, which is responsible for archaeological research and the preservation and preservation of cultural monuments in the country. ASI was tasked with occupying the living city of Jaisalmer, but has so far hindered development by not allowing even minor changes to the houses that require urgent repairs.

UNESCO has also expressed interest in helping to preserve the unique sights of Jaisalmer. For example, although submitted to the World Heritage Committee for approval in 2018, a management plan for Fort Jaisalmer has not yet been submitted for review, so a UNESCO decision is pending.

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