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Headless our bodies on the seaside, 1000’s are fleeing after lethal Palma Seashore Resort Assault in Mozambique

The Amarula Hotel is a small hotel frequented by foreigners in the north Mozambique city of Palma. It was the scene of horror when a team of heroes helped the guests flee after an Islamic terrorist attack. However, a British guest among others did not make it.

  1. Near the border with Tanzania, the northern region of Portuguese-speaking Mozambique was exposed to a deadly militant Islamic attack this weekend.
  2. Dozens of people are dead after an attack in the beach town of Palma in the Indian Ocean Northern Mozambique, according to a spokesman for the country’s defense ministry.
  3. There are heroes in this incident, including the operation at the Amarula Hotel in Palma, Mozambique

Seven were killed trying to escape a siege at the Amarula Hotel in Palma.

More than 180 people, including foreign workers, are trapped at the Amarula Hotel in the northern Mozambique city of Palma. According to information from workers and security forces, the city will be besieged for three days by fighters from the ISIL (ISIS) group. Hundreds of others, both locals and foreigners, were reportedly rescued. A British hotel entrepreneur was killed.

The Amarula Hotel tried to protect and has been shown to be helpful to travelers. Here is a pre-attack assessment:

My little story involves arriving at this hotel late at night with no booking. I had no transportation and had nowhere else to go. Plant manager Fernando Moreira immediately interrupted his meeting and came to my aid. His team prepared a room and I was treated like I was the most important task, even though no payment arrangements were confirmed. The rooms were perfect; However, the food was exceptional. His staff were very friendly and always ready to help. This is a place I will really love to visit again. Thank you to Mr. Moreira and his team for achieving greatness in such a remote location. Others can definitely learn from you!

open restaurant in the Amarula Hotel, Palma, Mozambique

Witnesses have described hiding while waiting to be rescued by boat on a beach littered with headless bodies.

The maritime transport websites featured a number of ships around Palma and the port of Pemba to the south as people tried to escape by any means – cargo ships, passenger ships, tugs and pleasure boats.

Many who fled the hotel in a convoy hid on the beach overnight on Friday and were evacuated by boat on Saturday morning. Civilians living and working in the area appeared to be coordinating rescue efforts.

“Local suppliers and companies, these people were heroes for the whole company. In the early hours of the morning, they managed to coordinate and reach the evacuees on the beach, get them on boats and get them to safety. “Said an eyewitness to the media. Where the hell has the support been from big companies from countries? “He asked.

Headless bodies on the beach, thousands flee after the fatal attack on the Palma Beach Hotel in Mozambiqueboat

A source close to the rescue operation told the AFP news agency that a boat with around 1,400 people on board had arrived in the port city of Pemba, which is about 250 km south of Palma, on Sunday afternoon.

Aid agencies said several other small boats carrying displaced people were on their way to Pemba and would likely arrive overnight or Monday morning.

The exact number of victims in Palma, a city of around 75,000 in the province of Cabo Delgado, is unclear. Many are still not registered.

The city and beaches are littered with bodies “with and without heads”, according to Col Lionel Dyke, whose private security company Dyck Advisory Group is contracted by the Mozambican police in the region.

The armed group is reported to have taken control of Palma, but these claims are difficult to verify in the face of a communications failure.

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