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Greatest Indonesia Vacationer Locations To Go to With Household

Indonesia Travel Guide – Best Tourist Places to Visit 

Visit Indonesia if you are looking for beautiful places for a short vacation in a remote area away from humans to enjoy some relaxation and recreation before returning to the hustle and bustle of life’s never-ending responsibilities, welcome to the Indonesian archipelago that guarantees you an unforgettable and irresistible amount of fun through its scattered islands Along its borders, which amount to almost over 16000 islands.

Mount Bromo, East Java Indonesia

Do not expect tourism in Indonesia to be limited to beaches and water activities, as the amazing country has a lot to offer you of stunning nature embodied by waterfalls, volcanic mountains, cliff pastures, countryside villages, historical monuments embodied by museums, temples, and archaeological sites dating back to the oldest ages, and high-end shopping malls catering to different tastes.

This makes traveling to Indonesia an excellent option for families, couples, friends, and even solo trips, in addition to being one of the world’s cheapest tourist countries, and in this article, we will show you the best Indonesia tourist places to visit.

 1: Jakarta

The capital of Indonesia and its cultural and financial hub is situated northwest of the island of Java, and it is the first thing a visitor sees while visiting Indonesia, as hundreds of thousands of tourist flights arrive each year at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, one of the most popular Indonesian airports, so Jakarta is always crowded throughout the year.

Central Jakarta

Tourist attractions in Jakarta are diverse, as they include historical museums that emphasize history and entertainment, such as the Doll Museum and the National Museum, water parks such as Sea World Park, Ancol Dreamland, The Thousand Islands, National Zoo, Indonesia Mini Garden, and a special shopping tour of its famous and fashionable markets.

Landmarks in Jakarta

One of the top tourist areas in Indonesia, located in the heart of the capital, where rest and leisure can be found in a picnic or a tour of the lush nature that the park offers as a secluded spot amid the hustle and bustle of the crowded city.

In the heart of Taman Park, you can play your favorite sport, ride your bike, stroll through the greenery, or simply sit in peace and quiet on the stone benches provided while feeding pigeon flocks or listen to the peaceful music practiced by some of the hobbyists who are in the place and also you can join them if you want.

  • National Monument (Monas)

Monas the Jakarta landmarkMonas, The Jakarta landmark

One of the most popular tourist attractions that distinguish Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, is an imposing building with a height of 115 meters that represents a distinctive architectural style from the outside. 

Its top is surmounted by a golden icon in the form of a flame and provides a wonderful view of the city. On the inside, the building houses a museum that reviews the history of the country and its main capital.

One of the unique recreational areas that you should not miss when visiting Indonesia, particularly if you are accompanied by your children or a group of young people filled with the spirit of adventure, will inevitably bring out one of the largest amusement parks in Indonesia, which is the Dunya Fantasy Park or Ancol Dreamland. You can also go swimming and diving among the huge number of marine creatures, which makes your trip to Ancol Dreamland like several trips in one excursion full of fun. Komodo Island Tour

2: Bali 

The island of Bali is the first destination for beach lovers when traveling to Indonesia because of its beautiful and varied beaches that meet all the needs and desires of various tourists, as it is one of the most beautiful tourist islands in the world and is classified among the most beautiful cities in the world in terms of tourist attractions.

Bali tips for first timersIf you’re looking for friendliness, warmth, and exposure to different cultures and customs, here are the most popular beaches in Bali, Kuta, and Sanur, where you can enjoy the sun, water sports, mingle with the friendly and welcoming locals, and live as one of them in a short is a fun and exciting experience.

However, if you choose not to socialize and prefer a relaxed environment that inspires relaxation, or if you are a newlywed who came to spend your honeymoon in Indonesia, Nusa Dua Beach or the stunning Ubud area are perfect for both honeymoon and solo travelers.

 Must-Visit Places In Bali

One of the best full-service tourist resorts that you can visit with your family when you travel to Indonesia, in addition to being an ideal destination for honeymoon trips in Indonesia, it includes a clean and picturesque beach and a series of the most prestigious international hotels, mega malls, golf courses and parks that offer children distinct groups Of the games that suit different ages.

In addition to beach tourism and recreational pleasures that cannot be described in Nusa Dua, the region also includes many cultural attractions that cannot be missed, such as Buddhist temples, heritage museums, and exhibitions that offer visitors the most beautiful local and regional handicrafts to view the archaeological ones or buy souvenirs.

One of the most important tourist areas in Indonesia and the most popular among tourists to enjoy the beauty of the sparkling beach and the leisure facilities offered at affordable prices by Bali’s most famous resort of its kind.

Kuta BeachKuta Beach

In addition to the shining sun that makes the beach an ideal destination for acquiring a distinctive bronze color, luxury hotel services, and high-end shopping areas, the resort provides its guests and visitors with an unparalleled opportunity to practice surfing and easy transportation between the nearby island resorts, but if you are a fan of calm, stay away from the resort during Public holidays and Christmas holidays.

The famous Kuta beach is located in the west of the Bali Strait, near Ngurah Rai International Airport (Tuban airfield), which ranks as one of Indonesia’s most popular airports.

One of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia, due to its beach resorts, is the most prestigious and largest of its kind in the country along Seminyak Beach.

The banks of the largest and most popular beach in the area offer a regular, lively, and pleasant day and night through its luxury recreational restaurants, high-end hotel facilities, and modern markets, all of which run around the clock and distinguishing it from the other Indonesian islands. Seminyak cooking classes 

If you do not like or cannot enjoy the crowds of the nightlife for a long time, then the two beaches of Petitenget and Cayo Aya are the two most secluded and tranquil seaside spots in Seminyak where you can rest while enjoying the most stunning countryside.

3: Bandung

One of the most fun and exciting cities in Indonesia for gourmets who love the arts of cooking and try various colors of food from different kitchens of the world, where they can try delicious Indonesian food like no other in Bandung, West Java province.

BandungIn addition to the varied and delicious local food options that Bandung, the former city of flowers, offers, the smart-smelling city is an ideal destination for low-cost weekends amid the beauty of its natural attractions, the adventures of its entertainment complexes, and the spirituality of its splendidly ancient mosques.

Important landmarks in Bandung

Visiting the volcanic mountain of Tangkuban is one of the unique experiences that you can experience when you travel to Indonesia, from where the dense white smoke frequent the sky like fog and the slight and safe sulfur explosions emanate, you will find your camera itself trapped between all this amount of divine beauty to capture you the most wonderful and rarest pictures. An unforgettable adventure that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

The famous volcano, which has been the subject of stories for centuries, is located in the Tangkuban region, about an hour and a half from Bandung.

  • The Grand Mosque of Bandung

One of the religious attractions that draw thousands of tourists during their visit to Indonesia and visiting Bandung, as the grand city mosque is distinguished by its large area and innovative architectural design of marble tiles and artificial herbs that adorn its courtyard, in addition to a large park suitable for entertaining children while their parents practicing religious rituals.

The Grand Mosque of BandungThe Grand Mosque of Bandung

One of the most suitable tourism sites in Indonesia for family visits with children, as the place is a huge entertainment complex that simulates the most famous tourist attractions around the world such as the French Eiffel Tower, the American city of Hollywood, in addition to an integrated amusement park that includes a series of exciting and fun games that suit different ages and desires, With amusing circus and laser shows.

4: Puncak (Mountain Pass)

One of the most suitable tourist areas in Indonesia for those looking for a quiet destination away from the hustle and bustle of cities and the hassles of responsibilities.

Puncak PassPuncak Pass – Green Mountain

In Puncak or the Green Mountain, as they call it, you will find mountain ranges that cover the farms with their high peaks, gardens, and meadows, whose steep slopes surround you from everywhere with a pleasant and refreshingly cool breeze, as if you fell on a piece of paradise.

Alternatively, you can mix with the culture of the locals, who go out for walks in the verdant mountain city during the weekends.

After you visit the city, which has been classified as an ideal destination for family tourism and honeymoon holidays, you can also pass Bogor and Cianjur, which are located on the same mountain road.

Best Landmarks In Puncak

One of the most beautiful sites that you can visit when traveling to Indonesia if you are a fan of adventure and excitement, as a vast area of ​​waterfalls exceeding a height of 100 meters smells of freshwater as it flows from between the steep mountain rocks to ponds and rivers.

The most famous waterfalls of their kind in Indonesia derive their name from their number, as they are seven waterfalls of which the most popular among tourists are 

Curug Naga, Curug Barong, Curug Priuk, which provide you with an opportunity to swim in the water, is a uniquely exciting experience.

If you are a person with a weak heart, we recommend that you simply swim and dive in the clear ponds or take a river cruise with a traditional boat near Curug Priuk waterfall.

One of the best places in Indonesia to organize wild safaris among the herds of animals that appear to visitors as if they are in their natural environment without barriers more than the window of your car or the tour cart provided by the park.

Taman Safari Indonesia

The Puncak Safari, which is an ideal destination for family and children’s picnics, is marked by the diversity and multiplicity of wildlife within it to include about 2,500 animals, some of which are rare and endangered, in addition to a range of activities and recreational sites that the park includes such as the water park, horror house, cowboy shows and cute animals, bike competitions Fireworks, safari and night camping that make you feel like you are in the jungle.

  • Lake Lido – Telaga Warna

Best for Honeymoon in Indonesia

One of the most beautiful, charming, and picturesque natural places that you can visit in Puncak during your trip to Indonesia.

The Lido Lake “Telaga Warna or the Colorful Lake” is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes on the islands of Indonesia because of its area of ​​about one and a half hectares out of 5 hectares in the area of ​​the nature reserve that it includes.

The lake located near Bogor Province is also famous for its wonderful hues derived from the colors of flowers and the surrounding plant life on every side, in an unrivaled glamor that must inevitably tempt a tourist to swim in it, but beware, this is an illegal matter in Telaga Warna that may expose you to legal accountability.

5: Sumatra

One of the most popular islands in Indonesia among the groups coming from all over the world to visit Indonesia, as it is considered one of the tourist attractions along with Bali and Lombok.

Harau Valley West Sumatra IndonesiaHarau Valley West Sumatra Indonesia

The island of Sumatra consists of several cities that are the most popular in terms of tourism in the country, such as Medan, Patak, Padang, and Banda Aceh.

It is also classified by its many picturesque sandy beaches, dense rainforests, and the multiplicity and popularity of its national parks that offer visitors a variety of rare wildlife that the country is famous for.

In addition to its picturesque nature, Sumatra offers a wonderful opportunity to mix with local culture and traditions by communicating with its friendly residents.

Best Places To Visit On The Island Of Sumatra

One of the world-famous archaeological sites that Sumatra is famous for and attracts huge numbers of tourists annually during a travel trip to Indonesia.

When you visit Maimon Palace, you can enjoy watching and capturing the most wonderful pictures of its exterior design, which is famous for its multiple domes topped by the crescent, the distinctive symbol of Islamic architecture and vast flowering gardens, and from the inside, you can enjoy the decorations and colorful walls and the designs of the entrances and the unique balconies while watching the royal suites and compartments and their pieces of furniture and decorations.

While trying the traditional Indonesian costume is one of the most unique activities that you can do in Maimun Palace, which can be classified as one of the most important tourist attractions in the place.

One of Indonesia’s main tourist attractions and the most famous in Sumatra because of its status as Indonesia’s biggest lake and the world’s largest volcanic lake.

lake tobalake Toba

In addition to its picturesque nature, its distinctive location, and the number of legends woven around it, the most believable is the legend that claims that Toba erupted as a result of massive volcanic activity that occurred since ancient times, which has already reflected in a place far above the crater. 

In Toba, you can take a special boat ride or swim in its clear waters until you reach the nearby island of Samosir, where you can shop for its popular textile objects while admiring the views of its traditional wooden houses.

While on the tour, you can also explore the surrounding mountainous areas and admire their hot springs and rural scenery.

  • The Grand Mosque of Medan

One of the most important and oldest religious landmarks in Sumatra that you should not miss when traveling to Indonesia, besides the high spirituality of the Grand Mosque, you can enjoy its exterior architecture, which is characterized by its huge and colorful multiple domes and the ornate entrance as well as decorations, inscriptions and huge columns that distinguish it from the inside and dating back To the date of its establishment in the early twentieth century.

A few steps away from the main mosque in the Sumatran Square area is a green park that allows children to play until their parents finish praying or visit the mosque, which requires adherence to Islamic dress during the visit, in addition to a nearby market.

6:  Lombok

One of the best tourist sites in Indonesia in terms of beach tourism and water sports, thanks to its clean and pure sandy beaches ideal for recreation and relaxation, with the best snorkeling and diving sites and dazzling beach coral formations that you can access easily and effortlessly.

Senggigi Beach West Lombok RegencySenggigi Beach West Lombok

In addition, during your visit to Lombok, which can be said to compete with Bali for the title of the most beautiful island in Indonesia, you can enjoy visiting and climbing the famous volcanic mountain Rinjani and witnessing its sulfuric effects and its amazing fog.

Most Important Landmarks On The Island Of Lombok

 Best tourist places in Indonesia for lovers of excitement and adventure, climbing the active mountain or crater of the Rinjani volcano, which is the most popular landmark in Lombok, with its wonderful panoramic view of the beautiful city and its stunning landscapes.

So if you choose and decide to embark on this crazy adventure, all you have to do is join one of the group trips organized for safari and mountain climbing in this area, but also make sure that you are in good health that allows you to engage in such a rugged activity.

 Most beautiful, diverse, and enriching natural attractions for your visit during your visit to Indonesia, the Gili Islands are three converging islands and varying in area, the largest of which is the Gili Trawangan Island, or you can call it the night star thanks to its bars and nightclubs that provide irresistible night shows of dance and live music.

Gili Meno Gili Indah LombokGili Meno Gili Indah Lombok

As for Gili Air, it is the best of the three islands in terms of diving and snorkeling sites among the coral gardens and sea turtles that occupy spots close to the shore that make it easy for you to see them effortlessly.

Finally, there is Gili Meno, which is the smallest and quietest, making it a suitable spot for honeymoon holidays in Indonesia.

  • Pink Beach (Tangsi Beach)

 A wonderful destination to visit in Indonesia for water sports enthusiasts, on Tangsi Beach, which is called the Pink Beach, you can enjoy the beauty and clarity of colorful water by swimming or kayaking, or enjoy diving among the picturesque coral formations that scatter around you on the beach everywhere without having to make an effort to reach.

You can also enjoy taking a wonderful sunbathing on the beach, whose sand ranges between pink and red, thanks to its bright sunshades and its warm climate, which reflects the tropical climate of Indonesia as one of the distinctive pillars of tourism in the country.

7: Bogor (Boukor)

If you do not prefer the crowded and bustling city life and organizing your trip to visit Indonesia in search of tranquility and recreation, then Bogor is an ideal choice different from other cities in Indonesia, as the beautiful, quiet city that joins the province of Java is a small example of the capital, Jakarta, but in a more quiet and isolated way thanks to its distance from the eyes of tourists despite its charming beauty and its pleasant cold climate, which may differ slightly from the tropical climate of Indonesia.

Leuwi Hejo Cibadak Bogor - best Indonesia tourist places to visitLeuwi Hejo Cibadak Bogor

Bogor is about an hour by train from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, while it is located in a single line with the mountain cities of Puncak and Cianjur, which is an ideal destination for day trips.

 Landmarks in Bogor – Indonesia Tourist Places

One of the most famous, unique, and popular natural attractions among the thousands of tourists coming to Bogor during a trip to Indonesia, thanks to its dazzling beauty and pleasant cold breezes.

The Botanical Gardens of Bogor are famous for being a series of intertwined lawns linked by a fun and exciting maze that you have to navigate through in focus and introspection in search of an exit.

 Perhaps the most famous of these is the French Garden, the Japanese Zen Garden, and the Balinese Garden, which are no less famous and historical importance than the ancient Trojan Wall, which dates back to many centuries before.

  • Jungleland Adventure Theme Park

One of the best tourist places in Indonesia dedicated to family picnics with children, as dozens of water games are suitable for different ages, from children’s pools to limited or long giant slides and even warm pools with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius.

Jungleland Adventure Theme Park - best Indonesia tourist places to visitJungleland Adventure Theme Park

As if you are looking for entertainment shows or a meal in a unique atmosphere, the place provides you with a large theater that offers entertaining performances of local folklore or contemporary arts, as well as an opportunity to eat your meals in front of the pool.

Bogor Palace is one of the most important monuments of the city that we recommend you to visit during your trip to Indonesia.

 The palace, which dates back to the year 1870, is characterized by its historical importance as a seat of government since the era of the Dutch occupation through various historical and presidential periods that continue to this day.

In Bogor Palace, you can enjoy wandering among the vast gardens that represent a beautiful and distinct pasture for gentle deer herds, as well as a visit to the famous Indonesian President Soekarno Museum, which includes his personal belongings.

However, it must be noted that the palace near the Botanical Gardens only accepts visits by tourist groups that start from 10 individuals according to an advance date.

8: Cianjur – Best Indonesian Tourist Places

It is one of the tourist areas in Indonesia, which is designated by combining the spirit of ancient history, which has its roots in the oldest human periods on earth, and the charming and picturesque beauty of nature and the distinguished location that links the most important tourist cities in Indonesia, as Cianjur is located on a middle road between Jakarta and Bandung, which makes it An ideal destination for day trips while traveling between the two cities during your Indonesia tour.


Landmarks in Cianjur

  • Gunung Padang Megalithic Site

One of the huge archaeological monuments that will distinguish your trip when visiting during tourism in Indonesia, Gunung Padang is one of the historical sites of scientific controversy due to the difference over its origin, which some estimate to be six and a half centuries BC.

Whereas geologists believe that the site arose as a result of volcanic activity during 4 periods of time, archaeologists believe that the distinctive pyramidal stone formations of the place emerged as a result of human creations.

During your visit to the site, which is located on the highest hill at an altitude of 885 meters and 30 km southwest of the city, you can see the pyramidal volcanic mound made of compact stones of varying sizes and artifacts made by ancient people, and take the most wonderful pictures.

One of the best places in Indonesia suitable for family picnics with young children, where they enjoy watching and taking the most beautiful pictures of flowering trees designed in the form of animals that attract the attention of young people as well as the eyes of adults.

Nusantara Flower GardenNusantara Flower Garden

The flower garden is also marked by the presence of a maze or corridor, which will inevitably provide an atmosphere of excitement and adventure for children who love to solve puzzles, with a distinctive and fun games corner dedicated to them.

In terms of services, the park lacks restaurants and cafes except for a few that are not described by good service, so it is best to bring food and drinks with you while making your visit either early in the morning or in the afternoon away from weekends to avoid the crowds and the heat of the sun.

Cikondang Waterfall (Cianjur) is not only a tourist attraction in Cianjur, the waterfall has gained wide popularity and tourist popularity that made it one of the top tourist attractions in Indonesia as a whole.

This popularity came after National Geographic described it, the Indonesian version, as a miniature version of the famous Canadian Niagara Falls, which is classified as one of the highest waterfalls in the world, despite its small height, which does not exceed 50 meters.

In the Cikondang Waterfall area, which is 37 km from Cianjur and 7 km from Gunung Padang archaeological site, you can take the most beautiful pictures and live the adventure of climbing the waterfall, with another crazy adventure experience wandering safari to Gunung Padang via the bumpy road.

9: Surabaya

The Suramadu BridgeThe Suramadu Bridge

Surabaya is the capital of East Java and one of the most important cities in Indonesia, which has a long and ancient history of resistance, struggle, and is one of the most important quiet spots that should not be missed when visiting Indonesia, especially during family tourist trips, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places to spend a honeymoon, as it includes a large number of amusement parks and high-end shopping venues, as well as contemporary cultural and historical landmarks, offer the visitors the country’s history and ancient culture.

Landmarks In Surabaya

One of the ideal places for recreational sports in Surabaya that you should not miss when deciding to travel to Indonesia.

Bungkul Park provides tourists with several paths to practice different types of sports such as skateboarding, jogging, or cycling, as well as special paths for hikers and places to sit in relaxation in the green spaces and the fresh air for those looking for a calm atmosphere.

In addition to the great activities, Bungkul provides a series of high-level services, such as restaurants that serve delicious popular Indonesian food, Wi-Fi, and public phones.

This monument rises to 41 meters and was built on November 10, 1945, to commemorate the role of the city’s heroic warriors in the independence battles against the Dutch forces, and it is a suitable place to capture the most wonderful and timeless images such as the immortality of the heroic city.

The Heroes Monument - best Indonesia tourist places to visitThe Heroes Monument

And after you have captured the most beautiful memorial photos with the Monument of Heroes or Togo Pahlavan, as it is famous in local circles, you can visit the Museum of the November 10 Heroes, which is located below the monument, and reviews the war mechanisms and fighting plans during the period of independence battles led by Surabaya.

Surabaya Zoo is classified within a group of tourist places in Indonesia suitable for family trips, very ideal for children, as they enjoy watching a large group of wild animals, whether local or polarized from everywhere in the world, feeding them and taking the funniest photographs with them for a small fee that may be added to additional fees in a certain part of the garden.

And at the end of the tour in Indonesia, which is a precious and wonderful treasure because of the huge amount of attractions, places of entertainment and the features it offers, so which place would you choose to visit when visiting Indonesia?

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Best Indonesian Tourist Places To Visit With Family

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