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First-Time Consumers’ Information To Studying Administration Programs [eBook]

Basics, advantages and buying tips of the learning management system

Buying your first learning management system can be daunting. Do you really need an online training platform? How do you make a strong business model to get stakeholder buy-in? What should you look for in an LMS for maximum ROI? This eBook is for first-time LMS owners on an information journey. You need to know whether a learning management system is a sensible investment for your company and, if so, how you qualify providers in order to achieve the best possible price-performance ratio.

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The First Time Buyer’s Guide to Learning Management Systems

This ultimate guide has all of the information you need to build a successful business case and find the best LMS for your L&D needs.

Why learning management systems are a staple for employee development

You may be on the fence about learning management systems because resources are limited and you aren’t sure it’s worth the price of admission. However, every company should consider an LMS to centralize online training resources, improve employee performance, and collect valuable big data. Another crucial factor is accessibility. Any member of your team can log into the system for assistance when needed, follow certification paths, and test their knowledge.

About this eBook

While this eBook explores the many profitable benefits an LMS can bring to your business, it goes a step further and offers inside buying secrets. For example features to add to your LMS shopping list to justify the investment. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in it:

  • What is an LMS?
  • Why your company needs an LMS
  • What to look for in an LMS
  • What you should look out for with a provider

Despite the fact that it’s great for first-time buyers, any business can benefit from this guide. For example, companies that have to switch from their current learning management system, but are not sure which characteristics to look for in their next provider.


Download the eBook. The First Time Buyers Guide to Learning Management Systems provides further insight to determine if LMS rewards outweigh the financial risks to your business. It explores what an LMS is, what isn’t, and how to choose a system that fits your talent development program exactly.

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