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Elevating Distant Studying Applications Trilogy

Next-level distance learning programs to promote top talent

Hands-on experience can be more difficult thanks to the new normal. Nevertheless, you can use immersive learning strategies to provide your employees with the necessary experience-based knowledge. This eBook trilogy covers the essentials to unlock the potential of your team and support them remotely with distance learning programs. You’ll also learn how informal training and collaborating with colleagues remotely can drive continued growth.

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Enhancement trilogy of distance learning programs

Engage your remote workers through immersive learning strategies and take your L&D to new heights!

Tailored training for teleworking teams

Many remote workers experience the “distance dilemma”. They no longer have access to their on-site support network and often feel isolated or overwhelmed in their new teleworking environment. However, companies can start a personalized training program that brings everyone together and allows employees to fill in gaps on-site. The secret is choosing the best delivery formats and JIT strategies to drive individual development. This is where tailor-made solutions come into play. You have the option to align your training content with business results, employee goals, and L&D goals.

About this trilogy of distance learning

This tip-filled trio of e-books can help you create an employee development strategy for your remote workforce and enable continuous, risk-free training. Here’s a little preview of what you’ll find in this all-in-one guide:

  • First eBook: How to Plan and Schedule Successful Distance Learning Programs for Employees in 2021
  • Second eBook: How to involve your learners at the remote workplace through immersive learning strategies
  • Third eBook: This will encourage continuous learning outside of the formal training environment


Download the Elevating Remote Learning Programs Trilogy eBook for Inside Secrets to fully engage your team and fill in critical gaps. You will learn how to develop a networked and collaborative learning solution that combines informal and formal training opportunities for maximum impact. This eBook series also sheds light on proven strategies for creating meaningful eLearning experiences that prepare your team for the challenges ahead.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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