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eight Out Of 10 Individuals Help Vaccine Passports

  • The survey responded to 997 people in the United States who were asked a variety of questions about vaccination records.
  • Baby boomers are the least likely to support vaccination records.
  • A total of 50.9% of those surveyed said they were more likely to travel domestically with vaccination certificate requirements.

Results from a recent vaccine survey show how Americans feel about various travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the ongoing debate about personal freedoms and the ability to travel freely around the country, most now believe that proof of vaccination should be required.

81.8% of Americans surveyed support the idea of ​​a vaccination pass, with baby boomers being the least likely to support this concept.

The survey also revealed which generation was more likely to disagree with vaccination certificates and how both male and female respondents rate the issue.

The idea of ​​a vaccination pass has grown exponentially in popularity. With New York City and parts of California now, along with big corporations like Norwegian cruise lines, demanding proof of vaccination, it’s inevitable that other cities, states, and corporations will do the same. And although some states like Florida and Texas have banned vaccination cards, the public is starting to get used to the idea.

The survey, conducted between June 2nd and 3rd, included 997 people in the US who were asked a variety of questions about vaccination records – defined as “a document that proves you have been vaccinated against COVID-19”. When asked about their preferences regarding general travel restrictions due to a pandemic, the surveyed citizens represent a range of demographics, including gender (male / female), generation (baby boomers / generation X / millennials / generation Z) and already vaccinated versus unvaccinated.

Most of the respondents were familiar with the term vaccination certificate, and almost 82% said that they now support the idea in one form or another. These results were related to both age and gender, with women 7% more likely than men to be in favor of vaccination passports. Among the unvaccinated, men were more likely to be encouraged to vaccinate than women due to travel restrictions.

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