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eight Finest Canine-Pleasant Nations within the World

When planning a short vacation, every pet owner has to ask themselves one question: bring our four-legged friend or not? Well, we’re here to help make that decision a little easier by sharing the top 8 countries that promote pet friendly travel. It’s no surprise that travelers around the world prefer to take their pets with them for adventure. Especially when the alternative is to leave them at home or in an overnight kennel.

Note: Make sure you review COVID 19 precautions, logs, and hours of operation before visiting any of these websites.

Best tips for traveling with your pet

Before choosing the right travel destination, you should do some research and learn everything you need to know about traveling with pets. You can look up which airlines offer the best conditions for pets, which allow them to travel in the cabin, and which are the most dog-friendly airlines in this case.

Once you have an idea of ​​the best airlines, you will learn the basics of pet travel, especially the red tape. You may need to bring your pet’s medical records and even get ID for your pet. So it is better if you know this in advance.

Also, before you travel, find pet-friendly accommodations and book them in advance. In many cases, pet-friendly hotels have a limited number of rooms available for travelers and their pets. So it is best if you have all the necessary information about how to do it beforehand. You should also find out if the hotel offers a pet care service just in case you need to go sightseeing in a certain location and aren’t allowed to bring your furry friend.

Most dog-friendly countries for memorable pet-friendly getaways

When planning your future trip to these places there is no need to worry about it at all. The memories you make with your special companion will last a lifetime. While a trip tomorrow is not possible everywhere, we can use this time to plan the perfect adventure. Check out the top countries for pet friendly travel in the Americas, Asia, and Europe to prepare your itinerary for you and your pet today.

Dog-friendly short breaks in Switzerland

The Swiss really go a step further to ensure that your pet-friendly experience is of the highest quality. Restaurants even make it a point to offer your dog water and treats. Have you heard of the fondue tram? Well, your dog can enjoy this delicious and cheesy experience with you too, for a small fee, of course. Enjoy hundreds of hikes in the Alps to explore stunning cities like Zurich and Geneva. Your furry friend will love your trip to Switzerland together.

Pet Friendly Vacation in the United States

Man and his dog

It’s no surprise that with over 60 parks protected by the National Park Service, the United States is one of the best places to go for your four-legged friend. From road trips to outdoor monuments and sightseeing in pet-friendly cities like Chicago, Seattle and San Diego. For beach vacations in Florida, there are thousands of coast to coast destinations to visit with your pet. Choose the perfect pet-friendly accommodation on CuddlyNest and plan the adventure you and your furry friend have always dreamed of.

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Animal-friendly holidays in Germany

Black and white dog running on a green park during the day.

The doors of almost all facilities are open to pets in Germany. Known as one of the most pet-friendly countries in the world, Germany takes great pride in its animals and is a global example of how to treat pets with care and respect. The largest animal shelter in Europe is located in Berlin. By following the pet friendly guidelines, you and your pet can visit the country and have a unique experience among the resident pets. You may even want to adopt another furry friend after researching the adoption options in Germany.

Dog Friendly Vacation in Canada

A wet German Shepherd Dog standing by a lake at the base of the North Shore Mountains in Vancouver, Canada.

The city of Vancouver in British Columbia is known worldwide as one of the best places to bring your pet to North America. While there are hundreds of pet-friendly vacation rentals and hotels to visit, Canada also offers epic road trips filled with nature fun for you and your pet. From visiting Lake Banff to cruising on the pet-friendly Canadian ferries that are convenient for your pet to travel with, there are so many ways to explore Canada with your dog or cat by your side. He or she will love traveling by land and water.

Dog friendly holidays in France

Dog looking at the Eiffel Tower on a cloudy autumn day in Paris.

Does your puppy want a seat at the dining table? If so, take your pet on a French escape. France has pretty laid back policies when it comes to traveling with your pets because this country deserves everyone and everything to visit. Are you looking for the perfect destination to combine fun and exploration? Take your furry friend to the Pyrenees where they can roam freely while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation break.

Animal-friendly holidays in the Netherlands

White and brown Chihuahua on a bike rack.

What’s one of the best parts of visiting the Netherlands with your pet? You can travel for free on all public transport and trains for just € 3 for a day pass, depending on the size, either on your lap or in a transport company. While, like all travel destinations, your pet will need the right papers and vaccines to visit, the Netherlands is a great place for you and your dog to explore its many outdoor outdoor attractions, including parks, the Amsterdam canals, the charming neighborhoods and much more. Amsterdam was even named the most animal-friendly city in the Netherlands in 2019. We can’t wait to visit them with our own pets.

Animal-friendly vacations & short breaks in Japan

Kitten on a cherry blossom tree, in Japan.

While the busy streets of Japan’s larger cities, including Tokyo, may not be the best place to visit with your pet, the country has actually taken great strides to promote a pet-friendly culture and atmosphere for both its residents and tourists. With nearly 1,000 pet-friendly hotels, pet-friendly offices, and sprawling parks, there is so much to do, see, and explore with your pet lover. He or she will also love visiting Japan’s beautiful beaches where they can run and enjoy the water. Be sure to check Japan’s pet passport rules before flying into the country to avoid problems upon arrival.

Dog-friendly short breaks in Austria

Woman walking with her unleashed white poodle in Vienna, Austria.

From Vienna to Salzburg, there are many places in Austria to explore with your furry friend. In the capital, you can take your pet on a cruise along the Danube, take your dog for a walk on the Ringstrasse and go to the famous Naschmarkt, Vienna’s open-air market with 120 food stalls and restaurants. There are also a variety of pet-friendly cafes and restaurants in Vienna. Dogs are allowed on public transport. Small dogs traveling in a container or in a fully closed bag are free. Other dogs must be kept on a leash and muzzle and have a half price ticket.

Salzburg, the Austrian city on the border with Germany, is also a perfect travel destination for pets. The city is more compact and walkable than Vienna, so you won’t have any problems walking your dog around as you explore Salzburg’s history by strolling the narrow streets of Salzburg’s old town.

Where are you planning your first pet-friendly vacation?

With so many places to explore, you and your pet have a complete itinerary ready for future trips. Be sure to read the pet-friendly travel policies and guidelines for you and your pet before making any travel plans, including paperwork and vaccines. Always take the extra time to make sure you have everything so you can avoid mishaps before the trip and focus on the experience with your best buddy.

We can’t wait to hear which destinations to visit. Let us know and we will offer you the perfect pet-friendly accommodation on CuddlyNest.

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