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DevLearn 2021 Workshops And Certificates Applications

What are the DevLearn 2021 prep activities?

Get your week started with you Pre-conference workshops, certificate programs and joint events– all with indispensable tools and souvenirs. Use this time for mutual learning and networking with your colleagues in an intimate environment.

1-day workshops

Workshops provide essential tools and takeaways before the conference officially begins. Use this time for mutual learning and networking with your colleagues in an intimate environment.

Monday October 18th

  • P01 – BYOD: Building Immersive AR Experiences for Learning
  • P02 — Enabling learning with study trips and ecosystem maps
  • P03 – BYOD: Design before Development – Storyboarding for eLearning
  • P04 – Behavior Change Design
  • P05 – BYOD: Create an engaging virtual workout with zoom

Tuesday October 19th

  • P06 – BYOD: Design for Virtual Classroom Events
  • P07 – BYOD: Bootcamp for video producers
  • P08 – Game Learning for Business Results
  • P09 – BYOD: Do a micro hour in a day
  • P10 – Design Thinking for learning about design
  • P11 – Make It Sense: Applying the Secrets of Engagement to LXDLX
  • P12 – BYOD: xAPI implementation for beginners
  • P13 – Knowing the Mind, Knowing the Learner: Using Brain Research to Improve Training

2-day certificate programs

We are very excited to continue our Learning Guild Certificate programs at DevLearn. These two-day experiences, certified by the guild, prioritize the path to competence in core topics.

Sunday & Monday, October 17th & 18th

  • The Learning Guild’s Storyline 360 ​​Certificate Program

Monday & Tuesday, October 18th & 19th

  • The Learning Guild’s agile project management certificate program

Joint events

DevLearn is the event our industry aspires to create the future of learning and technology. To expand the opportunity to advance our industry, we are excited to host unique joint events that carefully examine some of the most disruptive issues in our field.

Monday & Tuesday, October 18th & 19th

Tuesday October 19th

  • Articulate User Conference of the Learning Guild
  • Learning Leaders Forum

Do more and save!

Add a full week of studying and save $ 100 on each of these workshops when you sign up for DevLearn 2021 as well – in addition to any other discounts you may qualify for!


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