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Customized Studying Experiences eBook Launch

Can custom learning experiences help you continuously improve your business model?

Many organizations fear change because there are too many unknown variables. However, by continuously developing your culture and business model, you are always one step ahead of the competition. Not to mention giving your employees the freedom to focus on personal gaps and goals. In this e-book, you will learn how to use custom learning experiences to expand your organizational horizons and take your business to the next level, starting at the individual level.

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How custom learning experiences help build a culture of continuous improvement

Discover how individual learning can support and develop a culture of continuous improvement.

How to avoid stagnation in business growth with custom learning platforms

The business world moves at lightning speed. Therefore, companies need to continuously improve their internal talent and reassess their business goals. Using custom learning platforms, you can launch personalized programs that target specific gaps in a cost-effective manner. The employees are more engaged and you keep the top performers instead of dealing with high fluctuation rates and low satisfaction levels. Simply put, personalized learning experiences allow you to move over time and maintain a fluid training strategy. Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in learning experience platforms for your business.

Bring your employees’ skills up to date

Every member of your team should bring their A-Game with them so that you can excel in your field. Fortunately, custom learning platforms give them access to instant support resources tailored to their needs. For example, they can use JIT tutorials or demo videos to troubleshoot communication or problem-solving problems. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that barely touches the surface. Instead, employees have the option to search for resources at their own pace that suit their personal preferences. More importantly, everything is in line with the branded messaging and core values ​​of the company.

Promotion of lifelong learning

A culture of continuous improvement is often contagious. Employees see that the company strives for excellence and they follow suit. Custom learning experiences also provide them with ongoing development tools that they can use to shape their own professional future. For example, track certifications that focus on core competencies or use the knowledge base for ongoing self-assessment. In short, you empower them to adopt their own training pathways and add even more to your organization.

Mitigate risks

Not having custom learning experiences can put your profit margin at risk. In addition, it can cost you top talent and lead to negative work habits. Think of a learning experience platform as a place where reps meet for remote collaboration and feedback. You can visit them if they encounter a problem in the workplace or uncover a hidden pain point. Your company can also use L&D analytics to identify weaknesses in your strategy and continuously expand your online training library.

Encourage employees to venture out of their comfort zone

It is human nature to establish ourselves in our own way. We tend to stay in our comfort zones rather than breaking new ground, even when exciting opportunities arise. Custom learning softly nudges employees in many ways. It’s a safe way to train and educate yourself as there are supportive safety nets in place. For example, they can always rely on peer feedback, microlearning resources, and certification paths to guide them in the right direction. Therefore, they tend to venture out of their comfort zone and try out new tasks or face new challenges. In other words, individual learning instills confidence and security.

Recognize hidden performance gaps

The data you collect from custom learning platforms can be used to reshape your current strategy and identify underlying gaps. For example, employees take part in simulations or other real-world activities to test practical applications. Everything is done discreetly, which means that they can spot strengths and weaknesses without fear of being judged. Likewise, your organization can identify top performers who may be ready for leadership roles.

Reduce recruiting and onboarding costs

Another benefit of using custom learning platforms to build a continuous development culture is that new hiring costs are reduced. You hold onto your employees because they have all the support and development tools they need. As such, you don’t have to pay to recruit, hire, and train your replacement workers. More importantly, they can build even more valuable skills and core competencies to improve your business.

About this eBook

This ultimate guide is full of tips and insights that can help you build a culture of continuous improvement with custom learning solutions, regardless of your niche or employee size. Here’s a quick look at what’s inside:

  • What is continuous improvement (and how can it be incorporated into your company culture?)
  • Discover why continuous improvement is so important and which three factors influence employee development
  • Discover 6 steps to mapping the learning journey by first filling in the gaps in the skills and needs of the employees
  • Learn how to redefine your performance management process in a changing workforce
  • Master the basics of SEL and 3 ways social and emotional learning affects employee behavior
  • Find out how you can improve your employee training with a personalized learning platform
  • Immerse yourself in the pick-and-mix approach to discover 6 possibilities. Custom training solutions solve L&D challenges

Whether you’re just testing the waters of customer learning or looking for new ways to expand your current strategy, this eBook is a must-have.

Are you ready to adjust your employee development strategy?

Custom learning experiences can be a catalyst for change if you know how to create L&D programs that resonate with your online learners. The secret is to analyze your needs and measure employee expectations in advance. Identify vulnerabilities so you know where to allocate resources and how to create meaningful online training experiences that will lead to continued business growth.

Download the eBook How Custom Learning Experiences Help Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement to Start a Successful Development Strategy. There’s even a step-by-step guide to help you plan the learning journey and prioritize staff skill gaps.

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