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CustomGuide Releases Time Administration Course

Minneapolis, Minnesota (August 31, 2021) – Time is the most valuable resource in the world. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. With this in mind, CustomGuide aims to develop training courses that help people avoid time wasters and take deliberate steps to save time.

“Time management takes a lot of discipline,” said Jon High, CEO of CustomGuide. “Learning how to do the right things without stress is really life changing. And it doesn’t just benefit you; It is an asset for your organization and also for the people around you. “

CustomGuide’s new time management course is free and available without an account until September 30th. It is the seventh title to join the CustomGuide Business Skills Library, launched in 2019, Office Training and Google Workspace Training.

Time management follows CustomGuide’s proven learning method, which provides an average skill improvement of 44% after completing the course. Each of the 11 bite-sized lessons in the course has an associated assessment question that measures the learner’s understanding of the subject. Like all courses developed by CustomGuide, time management was developed in-house, leveraging industry expertise along with customer feedback.

“With so many workstations moving to remote options, the demand for this course continues to grow,” said Alisha Natvig, CustomGuide Product Manager. “We have heard so many stories from customers; They want help breaking the tiresome juggling cycle while trying to meet impossible deadlines. “

The new course provides hands-on guidance on eliminating time wasters such as interruptions, procrastination and multitasking. It also presents real-world scenarios for prioritizing work with the four quadrants of time management and the 80/20 rule.

As hypersensitive to the respective topic, CustomGuide worked diligently to create teaching materials that optimally and as concisely as possible covered each learning objective. With a single time investment of less than an hour, learners can use what they have learned to save hours after hours in the future.

In addition to the interactive tutorials and competency assessments included in this course, CustomGuide has created a brief guide to time management on a sheet that strengthens the online course and serves as a working aid. All of CustomGuide’s 100+ practical quick start guides can be downloaded and distributed free of charge.

About CustomGuide

CustomGuide is the leading provider of simulation-based software training for business people to learn by doing, not by watching. CustomGuide offers over 100 accredited courses on topics critical to workplace productivity, including Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and Business Skills. CustomGuide’s easy-to-use learning management system provides easy data visualization to track learner performance, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. In addition to online learning, which is made up of bite-sized lessons, CustomGuide creates premium, customizable courseware that can be used during teacher-led training, as well as practical tutorials with shortcuts and tips on enhancing learning in the workplace.

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