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China’s Could Day vacation journey rush units new information

The May 1 travel storm in China signals the country’s increased recovery from the coronavirus pandemic

  • Passenger trips on Chinese railways reached a new daily high
  • People crowd at train stations, airports and tourist attractions in criss-crossing provinces
  • The travel madness is giving China’s economy a strong boost in the short term

China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. announced that passenger journeys on Chinese railways hit a new daily high of almost 18.83 million journeys on Saturday. The number shows an increase of 9.2 percent from 2019, the first day of International Labor Day, which lasts through Wednesday.

The May 1 travel storm in China signals the country’s increased recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, its success in containing the spread of the coronavirus, and the ongoing mass vaccination campaign that sees people crisscrossing at train stations, airports, and tourist spots trending provinces.

In mid-April, analysts from the Chinese travel industry published forecast data for the May 1st holiday. This shows that bookings in many areas of the business have increased significantly compared to pre-pandemic times.

As of April 14, bookings for vacation flights were 23 percent higher than in the same period in 2019. Hotel bookings rose 43 percent, tickets for attractions rose 114 percent and rental cars rose 126 percent.

While a record-breaking wave of Chinese tourists takes to the streets for a May Day trip, the travel madness is giving the Chinese economy a short-term boost.

China’s May 1, 2021 holiday has been dubbed “a shot in the arm for domestic tourism,” and the five-day break is expected to sprout local economies hit by the health crisis.

The temporary rise in the price of tourism services and the expected congestion in traffic caused many people to stay home for the vacation, although it does not mean they are not spending.

The second shopping festival on May 5 kicked off in Shanghai with real-time payout data from China UnionPay, Alipay and Tencent Pay – all Chinese payment platforms – showing consumers paid over $ 2.67 billion in the first 24 hours have spent.

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