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How to start a mobile skill development learning strategy

Mobile learning is all the rage and for good reason. Modern learners expect training that travels with them rather than confining them to a desk. In addition, better accessibility enables them to expand their educational horizons at any time instead of having to plan their entire L&D course in advance. But how do you start a mobile learning strategy that is personalized and inexpensive? An L&D manager’s mobile learning guide for using personalized content for skills training contains insider tips that every team leader can use to maximize team potential and close important gaps.

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The mobile learning guide of an L&D manager for using personalized content for skills training

Find out how you can use mobile learning for skills training.

Why the modern workforce expects support for mobile learning

Most modern day workers do not consider mobile learning a privilege. It is an absolute must. Remote teams are more likely to give it their all and stay with your organization if they have ongoing support. In particular, mobile learning support that is always available and quickly available. Here are just a few reasons why employees expect support for mobile learning and why you need to create a personalized action plan.

Busy work schedules require L&D flexibility

Employees should be able to train when it is most convenient for them, rather than allocating a large block of time to L&D. Mobile learning gives them the opportunity to incorporate skill development into their busy work schedules. For example, you can take part in simulations or watch recorded webinars between tasks. You no longer have to attend on-site training events or even VILT sessions when it is time to develop your skills. Instead, they simply log into the training mobile app to receive customized content that aligns with them and their L&D needs.

Employees have to close qualification gaps on site

Another critical factor that any organization must consider are personal vulnerabilities. Every employee has their own strengths and opportunities for improvement. Personalized mobile learning resources help you close skills gaps instantly. More importantly, they can focus on specific competencies related to their job duties and responsibilities. For example, sales reps can access product knowledge resources and branching scenarios to develop their negotiating skills.

Plenty of opportunities for qualification

At the other end of the range of skills are employees who want to take advantage of new opportunities. For example, a top performer is ready to prepare for a leadership role. In this way, they can use the mobile learning resources to further their education and to prepare for their new role and the challenges that come with it. You have the opportunity to pursue new career paths and contribute even more to your team. That said, you should take steps to prevent burnout. For example, employees can only go for certification if they fill out a list of prerequisites to ensure they are building their knowledge.

Reduce mistakes on the job

Mistakes in the workplace lower employee morale, lower customer satisfaction and increase your profit margin. This mobile learning guide shows you how to implement personalized online training solutions to minimize costly risks. For example, how to involve team leaders and use mobile learning trends to find the best strategy for training skills.

Facilitating remote knowledge sharing

Mobile learning encourages remote employee engagement and peer support as everyone can quickly access the training platform. Employees can share their personal experience and expertise with colleagues anytime, anywhere. You can also take part in social learning activities such as live events and discussions. These collaborative learning activities bring teams together and allow them to share ideas that will ultimately benefit your company.

Improve knowledge retention

Mobile learning tools are generally quick to consume. This means that employees can absorb and store knowledge more effectively. For example, your library includes a 3-minute tutorial or video demo that shows communication skills in action. You can get the information you need and apply it right away, further improving memory retention.

Provide frequent knowledge reviews

One of the most valuable applications for mobile learning is assessment. Employees can see how far they have come and where they need to go with bite-sized tests. A perfect example of this is post-activity knowledge reviews. Employees conduct a brief assessment to identify gaps, followed by recommendations to help them continuously improve their skills.

About this eBook

From first-class examples to innovative use cases, an L&D manager’s mobile learning guide examines all aspects of mobile-first training on the use of personalized content for skills training. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in this mobile learning guide:

  • 4 reasons L&D leaders need to join the mobile learning revolution
  • 5 advantages of personalized content and its use in your mobile learning strategy
  • Win the L&D bet with these 5 mobile learning trends for competence training
  • 5 ways in which mobile learning apps can support the skills training of your employees
  • Mobile Learning Formula: 5 Steps to Creating Effective Personalized Learning Paths
  • Skills training made easy: 3 examples and use cases for mobile learning
  • Mobile learning solutions to master the challenges of competence training and to maximize the training ROI

Whether you’re just starting out with mobile learning ideas or already have a framework that needs tweaking, this guide can be helpful.

Start your mobile learning revolution today

Mobile learning is the ideal approach for any company looking to nurture talent and reduce turnover. Download the eBook. An L&D Manager’s Handbook for Mobile Learning on how to use personalized content for skills training to find out how to implement a mobile learning strategy for further development. Also attend the webinar to find out how a mobile-first approach can benefit your sales teams.

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