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Canadian House owners and Pilots Affiliation bridges hole between conventional and distant aviation

Canada’s largest aviation association is introducing drone membership options.

  • COPA introduces new membership options to include the growing drone community
  • Drones are fundamentally changing the world of aviation, and as this new technology develops, so does its role in society
  • The remote-controlled planes are changing Canadian companies

The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) – the largest aviation association in Canada – is introducing new membership options to engage the growing drone community.

Drones are fundamentally changing the world of aviation, and as this new technology develops, so does its role in society. The remote-controlled aircraft are transforming Canadian businesses, enabling new insights and skills in disaster management, search and rescue, infrastructure and myriad other industries.

As a trusted leader in advancing and advancing aviation safety and the long-recognized voice of General Aviation in Canada, COPA is in a unique position to represent both traditional and remote aircraft pilots. A key goal in unifying these communities is to support COPA’s ongoing efforts to safely integrate all airspace users. Traditional and distant aircraft pilots share common interests in the safety and protection of their freedom of flight.

COPA has been dealing with drones and related topics for several years. The association helped develop popular RPAS tools, including the National Research Council of Canada’s Drone Location Selection Tool, and partnered with the Canadian Aviation Administration to support education awareness initiatives.

Recognizing the importance of securely integrating remote controlled aircraft systems (RPAS) into Canadian airspace, COPA focuses on: training and certification of RPAS pilots; RPAS Traffic Management (RTM); Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations; RPAS airworthiness; recognize and avoid; Search and rescue; and the emergence of the next generation of RPAS.

“As RPAS pilots continue to take their place in aviation, COPA will provide the resources and community all pilots need to improve their flight experience,” said Christine Gervais, President and CEO of COPA. “This is an ideal time to fuel innovation in aviation as many in traditional aviation are affected by the effects of COVID-19.”

“Welcoming the drone community will empower the aviation sector. And while there is fear of these new airspace users, there are more benefits to finding a common purpose between traditional and remote aviation. These newcomers to our skies are just getting started, and COPA will help unlock the immense potential of this mature aerospace technology. “

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