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Butterfly Backyard Dubai – Colourful Butterflies From Round The World

Dubai tourism is not limited to towers, beaches, cabarets, and luxurious hotels; it also has the highest international level gardens which are included in the Guinness Book of Records as well. Dubai’s parks are considered one of the best places for tourists in the Emirates.

Butterfly Garden is the idea of ​​the Akar company for agricultural services. The Dubai Butterfly Garden is not only the largest in Dubai alone, but it is also considered the largest in the Middle East region, and it is one of the most beautiful gardens of Dubai and includes nearly 15,000 butterflies belonging to 26 species of butterflies from different parts of the world.

Butterfly Garden Design

Butterfly Garden is designed in a circle on an area of ​​4,400 square meters, on grounds and standards compatible with the climatic environment and living conditions. To ensure a healthy life for butterflies, to ensure the reproduction of healthy species and species through the huge air conditioners that surround the garden.

Butterfly Garden

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is a completely covered butterfly garden with nine domes of a variety of colors, with a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius protected from the high summer heat, as it is a natural reserve not only for butterflies, but also for flowers, where the garden of butterflies includes strains of rare flowers that are diverse in terms of colors and shapes, and it should be noted that more types of picturesque flowers await you by visiting the flower garden in Dubai.

Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai

An Overview Of The Dubai Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden contains a museum full of butterflies that attract the viewers with their wonderful colors and that is why it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Dubai.

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is characterized by containing different types of natural plants such as three-dimensional flowers, various tropical flowers, and the garden also includes ponds of fish with different types of rare fish.

blue morpho butterflyblue morpho butterfly

The park is considered one of the most important tourist places in Dubai for children, as children enjoy while visiting the Butterfly Park with butterflies surrounded by flowers and rare fish.

The garden has been able to collect many types of rare butterflies from different countries of the world, such as Thailand, Costa Rica, and the Philippines, and butterflies flying inside domes dedicated to them decorated in attractive colors, with the spread of the scent of flowers and refreshing plants throughout the garden.

Activities That You Can Do In Dubai Butterfly Garden

Within the Dubai Butterfly Garden, there are pathways for visitors, to take a tour of the Dubai Butterfly Garden and enjoy watching the flying butterflies in the atmosphere of the stunning garden, which contains the owl butterflies, one of the largest butterflies in size, and the blue morpho butterfly is the most popular in the Dubai Butterfly Garden. And many other rare butterflies.


When visiting the Butterfly Garden in Dubai, you can see rare tropical flowers and plants, but it is forbidden to touch them so as not to harm the plants, and enjoy the fragrant scent of flowers.

As we explained previously, the Dubai Butterfly Garden has stunning fish tanks containing fish of various sizes and shapes, where you can feed these fish and take some souvenir photos with your family or friends before leaving the world of butterflies Dubai.

Dubai Butterfly Garden is home to an art museum with many prominent paintings of the most beautiful mummified butterflies.

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is designed to cater to all their visitors through the various cafes that offer various drinks and snacks.

Inside the park, there is a shop selling gifts and souvenir paintings designed on a variety of colorful butterflies.

The Butterfly Garden in Dubai was designed on an area of 4000 square meters in the shape of a circle to be the largest butterfly garden in the world.

What Is The Timing Of Butterfly Garden Dubai?

The timing for the Butterfly Garden in Dubai are as follows:
The Dubai Butterfly Garden sections are open from Sundays to Thursdays from 09:00 in the morning until 06:00 in the evening.
On Fridays and Saturdays, from 9:00 am to 11:00 in the evening, guests are welcome.

Dubai Butterfly Garden Tickets Prices

The below are the ticket prices for the Butterfly Garden in Dubai:

Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets for adults over 12 years old. The entrance ticket price is 55 AED.
Butterfly garden ticket in Dubai for children from 2 to 12 years old, the ticket price is 40 AED.
Children under two years enter free of charge.

The Best Hotel Near Dubai Butterfly Park

Ghaya Grand Hotel Dubai

Ghaya Grand Hotel is one of the best hotels in Dubai near the Butterfly Garden, as it includes unique and modern rooms, with a modern flat screen with a sitting area in front of the TV for enjoyable viewing, and also has central air conditioning and free Wi-Fi, in addition to a special room facility for making tea and coffee.

The hotel has a characteristic view from the outdoor swimming pool on the golf course, and it also features the best and varied Dubai restaurants, through them serving world-famous cuisine.

Ghaya Grand Hotel Dubai offers a fitness center, and a spa for relaxation and comfort, as well as a private playground for young children.

The hotel is located near the park, a distance of 15 minutes, and near the Jumeirah Beach Residence, a distance of 10 minutes by car, and close to the Dubai International Airport, about 25 minutes by car.

Where is the butterfly garden located in Dubai?

Butterfly Garden museum 1Butterfly Garden museum

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is located in the Al Barsha area in the emirate of Dubai, which is part of the Dubai Flower Garden. The Butterfly Garden in Dubai was opened in March of the year 2015 to be an icon of charm and beauty, and for Dubai to be one of the most beautiful tourist destinations.

Finally, after completing your enjoyable, we recommend that you visit the Dubai Miracle Garden, which is adjacent to the Butterfly Garden Dubai, which is also one of the most beautiful parks in Dubai.


Some Other Must-Visit Gardens / Parks In Dubai


  • Dubai Miracle Garden Or Dubai Flower Garden

The Dubai Flower Garden (Dubai Miracle Garden) is one of the most spectacular locations for sightseeing in Dubai and the Arab world as it has been built on an area of more than 70,000 m2 and contains more than 50 million flowers, as well as 250 million plants, making it the biggest natural flowering garden in the world. The Miracle Garden is situated in the Dubailand area in the city of Dubai.

Miracle Garden Dubai FlowersMiracle Garden Dubai

Dubai Miracle Garden is the only one of its kind in the entire world, and is a wonderful outdoor entertainment destination, offering the latest services and facilities, including parking, sitting areas, a prayer room, ablution facilities, a security room, vehicles for people with special needs, as well as restaurants And sales kiosks, among others.

The Flower Garden is one of the charming places full of landscapes and picturesque scenes and one of the most beautiful parks in Dubai, which made it get the title (Miracle Garden in Dubai), and it is one of the best entertainment places that allow its visitors the possibility to spend a wonderful time filled with happiness, fun, and entertainment in addition to psychological comfort far away About life’s troubles and troubles.

Miracle Garden DubaiThe Dubai Flower Garden receives visitors, whether citizens or tourists from different countries of the world, during the period from the beginning of October to the end of April, and it remains closed for the rest of the year to avoid high temperatures, as there are types of flowers affected by the dry climate.

The pleasure of wandering inside the flower garden in Dubai is a unique experience that gives the soul comfort and reassurance, as a beautiful feeling overwhelms you as you see the various colors of flowers from every side and their wonderful aroma is revealed everywhere, and a unique and wonderful gift is offered to family members or a friend through the gift shop inside Dubai Miracle Garden, it will be a wonderful and unforgettable memory.

Dubai Miracle Garden Or Dubai Flower GardenThe Dubai Flower Garden includes a wonderful collection of diverse aromatic plants that have been brought from more than 190 countries around the world, and the garden allows you to enjoy its attractive aromas or drink a cup of tea with some healing herbs added within the places prepared for the comfort of visitors.

Perhaps the most beautiful section of the flower garden in Dubai is the part that displays miniature models and structures of the most important landmarks of Dubai in particular and the most prominent tourist attractions around the world as well, all covered and structured with varied and luxurious roses, so you can see the Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, Airbus aircraft, the flower clock, etc. Here the fun is doubled as you wander among the most important tourist attractions and inhale in addition to that fresh air full of fragrant flower scents.

It is worth noting that there are many kiosks and cafes within the Dubai Miracle Garden that allow you to enjoy various food and drinks, sweets, fruits, and so on in a lively atmosphere, fresh air, and charming flowers.

What Is The Timing Of The Dubai Miracle Garden?

The Dubai Miracle Garden will close on May 15, 2021. OPEN FROM 10 A.M. TO 10 P.M. The garden will be temporarily closed for summer renovations beginning May 16 and will reopen for the next season in November.
Weekdays & Weekends: 10 AM To 10 PM.

Entry Fee For Dubai Miracle Garden.

The ticket prices for adults and children in the Dubai Miracle Garden are:
AED 55: Adults (12 and above)
AED 40: Children (3 to 12 years)
Free of charge: Kids below 3

Dubai Miracle Garden location And How To Get There?

Dubai Flowers Garden is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road within the Dubailand complex in the Arabian Ranches area on the road leading to Abu Dhabi.
Dubai Miracle Garden can be accessed by your car or by taxi because the metro does not reach it.

Al Mamzar Park in Dubai is a popular tourist destination among all Dubai parks and one of the largest beach parks. It has many beaches and hectares of lush green fields. It is the hidden gem of Dubai and loved by all, with five elongated beaches open to the public.

al mamzar beach park dubai 4Visitors can take a leisurely walk through one of Dubai’s most beautiful public parks. They can also swim, skate in water games, or stroll in the surrounding parks which provide hundreds of options for entertainment and fun for the crowd.

You can also visit all stops in this beautiful park or hop on the famous iconic train. This park is a great opportunity for all water lovers, families, beach trips, and people looking for some fun and joy.

It is an ideal place for all fitness lovers. This place will help you to taste delicious and healthy dishes, as this place includes many restaurants and barbecue areas and also provides comfortable tables and chairs for sitting in public places.

With more than 55,000 square meters of lawns, 300 coconut trees, 1,500 palm trees, and many kinds of planted green spaces, this landscape pulses with life and nature.

Al Mamzar Park covers an area of ​​106 hectares. You can also find guarded beaches, food kiosks, and children’s play areas. Pre-recorded music is played through the loudspeakers in the venue throughout the day, making it one of the most beautiful parks in Dubai

This park is located only five kilometers from the side road of Hamriyah Port and has a large area that accommodates thousands of people at one time. Its white sandy beaches and its unique location make it extremely picturesque and loved by tourists and residents of Dubai.

Dubai Safari Park is an environmentally friendly area that contains green spaces and gardens inhabited by 2,500 animals of 250 different species and is considered one of the most famous parks in Dubai.

The park is located in Al Warqaa, near Dragon Mart in Dubai, and can be accessed via highways, but it is linked to Dubai’s public transport network. To get to the park, tourists need to use their own cars or take taxis.

dubai safari

On reaching the park, you will find a large parking area with many car parks. The entrance ticket to the park costs 85 dirhams for adults, and 30 dirhams for children in a package that includes a visit to the Safari Village, called the Combo Package.

Tickets excluding entry to the Safari Village are 50 dirhams for adults and 20 dirhams for children. Entrance to the Safari Village is only 50 dirhams for adults and 20 dirhams for children.

Children under 3 years old are given free entry to Dubai Safari Park, as well as elderly people over 60 years old and people with special needs.

The park is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and it is best to arrive at the park from the beginning of the day, as it usually takes half a day to wander around the entire area.

The park is divided into three different sections, each of which reflects an authentic cultural theme from all over the world. Where we find the Asian village, the Arab village, the African village, as well as the safari village. Note that combo ticket holders have access to all sections.

Each village is equipped to deliver a true sense of its origin that offers indigenous environmental ingredients brought from the relevant area as well as indigenous fauna.

Zabeel Park in Dubai is not only one of the most beautiful parks in Dubai, but it is also one of the first technology-dependent green spaces in the Gulf.


The area of ​​Zabeel Park is the equivalent of 45 football fields, this quiet spot in the city center is famous for its children’s entertainment complex and a large educational center, and it is also home to the most modern attraction in the city, where visitors can enjoy wonderful views. For both old and new Dubai.

You can explore three different areas to find a wide range of activities for yourself and your family: the Alternative Energy District, the Communications District, and the Tech Zone which are all technology-based and feature educational and interactive exhibits.

Dubai Garden Glow opened in December 2015 and is located in Zabeel Park. Dubai Garden Glow has many wonderful features where you will find glowing trees, flowers, animals, and structures inspired by various attractions around the world.

dubai garden glowDubai garden glow

The Dubai Garden Glow, one of the best in Dubai, includes hundreds of glamorous displays designed by artists from all over the world, using millions of colored lights.

What makes this sparkling garden even more impressive is the recycling of used materials. People not only come here to entertain but also to educate. The park aims to enhance awareness of the issue of global warming and carbon footprints.

The living aquatic composition is filled with giant jellyfish fish that sparkle in the sky with their reflection shimmering in the lake, and the life-size characters of a dinosaur park take you to Jurassic Park.

Fast food is served in trucks and kiosks throughout the park, including hot sausages, pizza, and ice cream. Along with charming installations, glowing flowers everywhere, plus acrobatic performances to make the night more vibrant.

Dubai Garden Glow is one of the best parks in Dubai for children and an ideal place to spend an evening, by yourself or with your family. The park is filled with many attractions, all of which have their own character.

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Butterfly Garden Dubai Colorful Butterflies From Around The World


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