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Boeing 737 jet makes emergency WATER touchdown in Hawaii

Transair’s Boeing 737 cargo jet “attempted to return to Honolulu when pilots were forced to land the aircraft in the water.”

  • Airplane makes emergency landing off Honolulu.
  • Two crew members were rescued by the US Coast Guard.
  • The pilots had reported engine malfunctions and were trying to return to Honolulu.

The Transair Boeing 737 cargo jet had to make an emergency landing off Honolulu shortly after take-off. According to the US Coast Guard, the two crew members were rescued.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that the emergency occurred on Transair Flight 810 early Friday morning at 3:30 a.m. HST.

“The pilots had reported engine problems and were trying to return to Honolulu when they were forced to land the plane in the water,” the FAA said. “According to preliminary information, the US Coast Guard rescued both crew members.”

A Coast Guard spokesman, Petty Officer Third Class Matthew West, said a Coast Guard helicopter rescued one crew member while “one fire department helicopter rescued the other.” A Coast Guard cutter was also dispatched to the crime scene.

The aircraft in question is believed to be a 46 year old Boeing 737-200, registered as N810TA. It is operated by Rhoades Aviation in Transair colors.

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