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African Tourism Board Chair sees Rebranding of Tourism by Training as the longer term in Tourism

Revealed University in Rwanda hosted a two day virtual meeting entitled “Transformative Education with Short Course Programs Post COVID 19 Solutions to Unemployment in Africa.

  1. After the pandemic hit, the learning space has shifted from physical to online platforms, and Revealed World University (RWU) in Rwanda had an answer.
  2. During the two-day event, Cuthbert Ncube, chairman of the African Tourism Board, recognized the connection between tourism, learning and unemployment
  3. The discussion centered on ways in which transformative education can be created that changes the life and community of Africa while addressing employment issues in the current climate.

Revealed Word University’s mission is to educate spiritually anointed leaders who will disciples nations in the marketplace. The University’s Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Chief Executive Officer and other senior officials at that university participated in an important virtual discussion earlier this month.

Representatives of the university’s partners were also present, such as the African Tourism Board, World Women Leading Change, Women of Value Africa and the International University of Management and Administration.

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