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Add Abilities for Studying Supply Now and After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed and continues to pose many challenges for individual organizations, their employees and the economy. For learning and development groups, these challenges include solving performance problems related to skill gaps and interruptions in both lifelong and daily learning and development. These are particularly important to engineers, technicians, and maintenance workers, as well as to the other employees of companies and government organizations. At the same time, customer training has to be addressed, which is of crucial importance for product acceptance, customer loyalty and customer loyalty.

Many companies are turning to the virtual classroom and using conferencing software to quickly remove instructions from the physical space. This is an important measure to limit the spread of the coronavirus. However, virtual classrooms are not the answer to all performance problems.

Because simulations are inherently immersive and engaging, they are a better way than lecture-based courses to build or maintain many skills. As an asynchronous delivery format, simulations can be very helpful when travel and group meetings are not possible. The key to effective simulations for the classroom is the use of real and virtual environments generated by computer technology and delivered through a variety of devices, including mobile and handheld. These environments are collectively referred to as Extended Reality (XR).

XR can use three different but related technologies: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. All three support the “spatial visualization”; An important consideration for better, more responsive simulations, for industrial applications, and for certain cases of sales and customer training.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) supports immersion in content that comes from the real world (e.g. 360 videos), computer-generated information (CGI), or both. The user only experiences virtual representations of a real environment and the CGI and cannot see the real world.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) inserts CGI into the real world user experience. The CGI can expand and interact with the actual environment. The user experiences both the real world and the CGI. AR ads don’t block the user’s view of the real world.
  • Mixed Reality (MR) anchors CGI in real time on objects in the real world. The CGI can be in front of or behind real objects in the physical environment, and the user can see the real world.

From 2020 to 2021, XR can be delivered from mobile devices as well as from desktop and head-mounted devices. From the end of 2021 or 2022, additional devices such as smart glasses will be available to enable XR experiences.

In addition to industrial education, XR is an important application for medical education, training, military and defense, as well as workforce development. Closely related are the uses of XR in performance support for field technicians.

Now is the time to develop the skills needed to create XR.

Do you want to expand your skills?

Since the skills required to design and implement XR technology in learning and development content are not widespread, readers may want to take the opportunity to explore this area to begin developing that knowledge.

The eLearning Guild’s Realities360 online conference (May 6-7, 2020), titled “Where Potential becomes Reality”, features eight sessions on new AR & VR skills, strategies and expertise that you can apply to your own work can! If you have registered for Learning Solutions 2020 or Realities360 2020 Conference & Expo, you will receive free access when you register for this online conference.

Register now for these sessions:

  • How XR will shape the future of the company
  • Use AR to deliver a differentiated employee experience
  • What is really happening in AR?
  • Assembling Your AR Dream Team: Roles and Responsibilities for Success
  • Thinking outside the goggles: MR in the wild
  • Integration of AR into your current onboarding process
  • Apply again to L&D: AR Success through Marketing
  • Fortnite Meets Training: How Mobile Gaming and VR Are Changing Learning

You can register or receive one for the Realities360 online conference Subscription to the eLearning Guild online conference to access this and all online conferences for next year, and much more.

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