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A Chunk-Sized Information To Microlearning [eBook]

Are you ready to take the microlearning leap?

Microlearning is not a panacea for your online training problems. However, many companies use this versatile L&D approach to fill gaps, refresh knowledge and increase employee engagement. It gives you the opportunity to address personal pain points quickly and to transform complex topics into easily digestible modules. If you are considering microlearning for your L&D program, this guide has all the information you need to get started right away and fill in any gaps.

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A bite-sized guide to microlearning

You’ve heard the buzz and excitement in the learning industry about micro-learning – but how do you put the principles and theories behind micro-learning into practice?

Why Bite-Sized is Best for JIT Support

One of the most popular uses for micro-learning is just-in-time assistance as it allows learners to focus on specific tasks or challenges. For example, they may not remember the next step in the process or need to develop appropriate skills. Regardless of their location or personal preferences, they have the ability to access tutorials, video demos, and checklists to get the information they need. This is especially true when companies offer a diverse range of mobile-friendly resources. It should also be remembered that real microlearning experiences simplify complex topics. You generally have a single topic, task, or core competency rather than trying to cover too much L&D area.

About this guide to microlearning

This eBook covers all of the essential elements you need to know in order to develop a memorable microlearning approach. Here’s a quick rundown of the content:

  • What is microlearning? – core properties
  • Examples of Micro-Learning – Three Examples to Explore
  • Does microlearning suit your company? – Checklist of factors to consider
  • Providing Micro-Learning – Some Important Questions to Answer
  • Designing Good Micro Learning Experiences – Important Considerations To Keep In Mind


While bite size isn’t suitable for all subjects, it can be a great addition to your existing curriculum. Download the A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning eBook to maximize your microlearning strategy and create meaningful L&D experiences for your remote workers.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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