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11 Finest Locations to Journey Solo in USA

Has traveling alone ever been on your bucket list? If so, then find your perfect USA travel destination among the numerous tourist spots it offers. Choosing the best spots for solo travelers may seem difficult, but we have it all for you. Embark on your stress-free, fun trip to these 11 best places to travel solo in the US:

List of Best Places to Travel Solo in USA


Forget your fear of traveling alone and make your way to one of the best cities to travel alone in the US. On your trip, you may find other solo travelers in town. Miami’s oh-so-beautiful beaches allow you to have the best time of your life all by yourself. Enjoy these exquisite beach eateries across town:

Miami Floria - Best Places to Travel Solo in the US

  • Combo tour packages include sightseeing, Biscayne Bay cruises, and airboat and seaplane rides over the city.
  • Get insights into Cuban culture and cuisine on the Little Havana Food and Walking Tour in Miami.
  • Meet friendly and playful dolphins at the famous Miami Seaquarium.
  • Check out amazing graffiti artwork on a golf cart at the Art Basel Festival on December weekend in Wynwood.

2: San Diego, California

This seaside town is full of fun and fun. The colorful and chirping district, the beautiful beaches and the majestic natural landscape are a delight for the eyes and heart. When in San Diego, indulge in these activities to get your spirits up: you might also want to check out 10 Solo Travel Tips For Beginners.

San diego skyline 4353504 1920

  • Hike and see the sights extensively at Point Loma as you slide along the red sandstone canyons in Torrey Pines State Reserve.
  • Get tipsy and try new cuisines in San Diego’s lively neighborhood – the Gaslamp Quarter.
  • Surf and bathe on beautiful beaches like Coronado and Mission Beach.
  • See the marine life on a boat / kayak in La Jolla Bay, which stands on the turquoise sea water.
  • Visit the San Diego Maritime Museum and watch the whales from the cruise.
  • Spot the rarest species like red panda, Amur leopards, and California condors at the San Diego Zoo.

3: San Francisco, California

The bright, sunny city is one of the safest cities for women traveling alone. Enjoy the misty mornings of hills and bay openings. The warm and welcoming locals always help tourists get around the city safely. You can visit these places in San Francisco:

Golden Gate Bridg San Francisco California

  • The Golden Gate Bridge in Marin Headlands is a perfect Instagram-worthy place with an internationally iconic backdrop.
  • Travel the city on Muni’s pocket-friendly transportation to the Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART).
  • Take the ferry to North America’s maximum security prison – Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco.
  • Enjoy exploring the Asian Art Museum.

4: Washington DC

The US capital, named after its first president, George Washington, is one of the safest and most spectacular cities to visit. The city’s culture, heritage and architecture will keep you busy throughout. Even in these ultra-modern times, this city retains its historical values ​​in the best possible way. You can take an exciting tour to these places:

Washington DC Best Places to Travel Solo in the US

  • Visit historic buildings like the White House, Washington Monument, and the Congress House to name a few.
  • See the cherry blossoms in full bloom in April in Potomac Park and the Tidal Basin.
  • In the evening, you can enjoy an impressive view of the Washington cityscape in the bell tower of the Old Post Office Pavilion. You can also dine in the Post Pavilion, which has now been renovated as a luxury hotel.
  • Science freaks can enjoy an educational tour of worldly inventions and creations at the National Geographic Museum.


For the outdoor thrill seeker, this is the perfect destination for you. Enjoy trekking, driving or cycling along the 45,000 hectares of open countryside. The impressive natural beauty will blow your mind. It lies at the foot of the North American Rocky Mountains and is rightly called the “city between mountains and reality”. Among the many things available, here are a number of things to gobble up:


  • Walk down the traffic-free area of ​​Pearl Street and find a perfect place to eat alone.
  • Check out the rich cultural heritage at the Museum of Boulder. You can spend an eventful day in this place without getting a bit bored.
  • Stroll around and buy fresh local crops from the farmers at Boulder’s Farmers Market. Open from Saturday to November on Saturday morning and from May to October on Wednesday morning.
  • Hike for scenic views of the Rockies Mountains and the red sandstones of Flatirons.


The extremely chic ambience paired with a variety of fun activities will revive your everyday life. Traveling alone and meeting different people in the busy metropolis will build your spirit and confidence. When in New York, head to these places for a pleasant time alone:

New York 2699520 1920

  • Travel from Manhattan to see the Statue of Liberty and the cityscape on either side.
  • Find a new kitchen and enjoy a delicious meal or get drunk in the bars and restaurants.
  • Enjoy a wonderful city tour by bike or double-decker bus through the city.
  • Experience the beauty of modern art at the Museum of Modern Art and find intricate sculptures and paintings in the Frisk Collection.
  • Enjoy the sunset at Rockaways Beach and soak your feet in the cool sea water.

7: SANTA FE, New Mexico

The second oldest city in the United States, with its pueblo-style Spanish architectural heritage, is a must for solo travelers. Even if you’re not an art lover, you’ll be mesmerized by the smooth amalgamation of history with quirky modern culture. There are a number of things to explore in the capital of Mexico:

SANTA Fe Mexico City Best Places to Travel Solo in USA

  • With over 80 art galleries on Canyon Road, your boring day will come to life with a variety of works of art.
  • Stroll through Pecos National Park – ruins of the ancient Pecos Pueblo settlers who are nearly a millennium old.
  • Take a journey into an enigmatic psychedelic experience at the Meow Wolf Art Museum and visualize the abstract light and art exhibits.
  • Travel back to the 1800s, dress in old Mexican style, and have a gala time at the Ranch of Swallows


For the solo traveler looking for a decent place full of outdoor activities, this small and deserted town is a gem. The exciting activities in the midst of the picturesque natural landscape are a perfect treat in themselves. Among many activities, here are a few fun things to enjoy in Moab:

Utah Outdoor Adventure - Utah National Park, USA

  • Raft in the waters of the Colorado River overlooking the mesmerizing red sandstone canyons and take in scenic views along the way.
  • Take an upside-down fun ride through the extremely rough terrain on Hell’s Revenge 4 * 4 Trail.
  • Hike or climb in Canyonlands National Park to see the natural arches, mesas, and buttes from above.
  • For breathtaking views of the scenic landscape, camp 600 meters above the Colorado River in Dead Horse Park State Park.


If you’re looking for a refreshing, guilt-free trip then Vegas is the best place to go. Treat yourself to a luxurious solo trip to this spirited city in the USA. It made it into the top 11 for all the right reasons to travel solo in the US. (Also read the US Places to Visit Guide.)


  • Get rid of your fears and jump in the heart of the Grand Canyon overlooking the amazing scenery.
  • Sip champagne on a hot air balloon ride and explore the city from above.
  • Play and party all night in the 24-hour casinos and themed bars on famous Fremont Street.
  • Book a night city tour to explore Bellagio’s dancing fountain and the artificially erupting volcanoes at the Mirage.


Visit this tropical island in Hawaii named the sixth best travel destination in the world. The lush greenery around the volcanic landscape is a place for a surreal experience. Embark on a wonderful journey here and enjoy:

Haleakala National ParkHaleakala National Park

  • Watch an enchanting sunrise in Haleakala National Park, perched over a dormant volcanic crater.
  • Enjoy an exhilarating and scenic tour of the Maui Forest on a zip line.
  • Visit the Maui Ocean Center to see Hawaii’s bright indoor marine life.
  • Sunbathe, snorkel, and tan on the beaches of Napili and Wailea, as well as Waianapanapa State Park.


Are you looking for a destination? Michigan has it all from natural wonders to fun and exciting places to be entertained. If you are planning on traveling to Michigan on your own, here are some places to visit:

Mackinac IslandsMackinac Islands

  • In the Mackinac Islands, take the Great Turtle Kayak Tour or take a city-wide horse-drawn carriage ride through the cultural landscape.
  • See the windmills, blooming tulips, museums of Holland and Kruizensa and enjoy the Dutch culture in Holland.
  • Tour the Sleeping Bear Lakeshore Heritage Trail, kayak on the Platte River and Loon Lake. Spend time in the village of Glen Haven.
  • Check out the scenic natural scenery at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Indulge in outdoor fun on Lake Superior.
  • Worried about your pet’s safety while traveling? The professionals at Michigan Dog Watch Center tailor their pet care services to suit your needs and your dog’s wellbeing. Also read our guide below Michigan dog-friendly beaches.

Choose your favorite destination from the list. Book your tickets, pack your backpack, and make your way to one of the best places for travel solo in the US. I am sure it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make and the experience of a lifetime.

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