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WHO & IATA: third Wave of COVID to unfold quicker, hitting Africa more durable | eTurboNews | Tendencies

Aviation and tourism are an important source of money and a lifeline for the African continent. IATA and the World Health Organization reached out to the media today with an alarming prediction. IATA would like its IATA passport to be introduced worldwide in order to avoid even higher losses.

  1. How big is the chance for African aviation and tourism to regenerate its aviation and travel industries?
  2. A third wave of COVID-19 infections is expected to hit Africa harder and cause more damage, according to warnings from the World Health Organization (WHO).
  3. The African Tourism Board and World Tourism Network welcome IATA and call for coordination, communication and well-researched implementations to secure the future of the vital travel and tourism industry on the continent.

How much more punishment can the African aviation industry take?
This topic and a dire prediction by the World Health Organization were the subject of today’s IATA WHO press conference in Paris.

COVID-19 caused $ 7 billion in losses and put 7 million lost jobs on hold on the African continent. 8 airlines in Africa had to file for bankruptcy. Aviation took hold worldwide 413 billion Loss. According to IATA, a new normal in business cannot be expected until 2024.

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