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Well being With out Borders launched by World Tourism Community

The World Tourism Network (WTB) Reconstruction Travel Discussion began in March 2020 and is today taking its activities to a new level by introducing Health Without Borders. Tourism will not return until everyone is safe.

  1. The World Tourism Network (WTN) has started its initiative Health without Frontiers Santé sans Frontiers
  2. Nobody is safe until everyone is safe. Tourism, business travel and the MICE industries will only return when everyone is safe.
  3. The key to restarting tourism is having a vaccination opportunity for everyone in our connected world.

Some may say that the COVID-19 problem is exclusively a problem for health authorities or domestic and foreign ministries. eTurboNews previously reported on the uneven distribution of the vaccine.

The World Tourism Network believes that the global travel and tourism industry should be an integral part of the discussion. COVID-19 affects the travel industry like no other sector.

Since there is no way to separate travel from the world’s current or future pandemics, and tourism is about bringing people together, the WTN recognizes the need for the global travel and tourism industry to be an integral part of decision-making and policy The process in will be a response to the current COVID-19 and should there be future pandemics.

Statemen and Nobel Prize winners around the world recognize this in a networked world Nobody is safe until everyone is safe.

In the modern world, the travel and tourism industries play a vital role in this vision. For this reason the international project of the WTN “Health without Frontiers / Santé sans Frontiers” strives for universal vaccine supply for all people around the world.

  • The WTN agrees with the idea that the “travel and tourism industry” supports an international focus on countries and regions that do not have full access to the vaccine.
  • The WTN, which represents international small and medium-sized businesses around the world, recognizes these will be the first to suffer from a pandemic and travel shutdown.
  • The WTN pledges not only to improve collaboration between countries through close collaboration with stakeholders, but also to facilitate the international movement of tourists by removing restrictive travel barriers and promoting mutual understanding and collaboration.
  • The WTN extends not only to other organizations and initiatives in the travel and tourism industries, but also to NGOs, health professionals, government leaders and the pharmaceutical industry.

The WTN initiative “Health Without Borders” strives for a world with greater international cooperation and thus enables people to have a safe and healthy world in which they can exercise their human right while traveling.

One step towards this goal is universal vaccination, which creates global herd immunity.

The WTN encourages everyone to join as it seeks a more humane world and a world where the global tourism industry can help the world see the first blossoms of greater health and prosperity.

WTN will invite tourism ministers and heads of tourism authorities later this month to virtually meet and take part in this important discussion. In the past 24 hours, ministers from 10 countries have already confirmed their participation.

“Everyone who is interested in this topic has the opportunity to take part.

  • WTN is ready to listen and welcome experts and entrepreneurs.
  • WTN is ready to scream if necessary.
  • WTN is ready to work with any government, organization, agency, or person who can help and make a contribution.
  • WTN is not a political organization.

“COVID-19 and tourism are linked and concern everyone. To achieve this, cooperation and communication are required, ”says Jürgen Steinmetz, founder and chairman of WTN.

Click on the Health Without Frontiers advocacy group for more information.
Join the World Tourism Network so you can be part of this stakeholder group from the start.

Go to to become a member and activate Health Without Frontiers as an interest group.

Visit and for more information.

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