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Tourism Leaders open enchantment to the Thai Authorities

The #OpenThailandSafely campaign would like to make four public comments. This is the social media message and open letter to the Thai Royal Government to consider reopening the border.

Ahead of this week’s high-level government meetings on opening Thailand’s borders, the #OpenThailandSafely campaign would like to make four public comments at the meetings of the Thai government in the week starting March 15, 2021 on possible steps to open Thailand’s borders:

1. We are grateful that the Thai government recognizes the urgency and importance of tourism and the need to help people who depend on international tourism. Thank you.

2. Open Thailand urges government officials to capitalize on the new opportunities that the successful introduction of vaccination has opened up for the world. The vaccines are a milestone for tourism. This is the good news we’ve been waiting for.

3. Any form of quarantine is “old” thinking. Tourism in Thailand cannot recover with no quarantine.

4. Other countries like the Maldives, Greece, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Costa Rica and others recognize this and open their destinations without quarantine.

Thailand should do the same, otherwise tourists will just go elsewhere. “A safe opening of Thailand with proof of vaccination should take place at any time between June 1st and July 1st, 2021.

This would give the tourism industry time to prepare. It would be too late to leave it until October. Until then, many companies will not exist. “

“A reopening in June through July would be a strategic opportunity for Thailand to take a leadership role among Asian countries and pave the way for a solid recovery in the Thai economy.”

Willem Niemeijer, CEO of YAANA Ventures and co-founder of the Open Thailand Safely Campaign (together with Luzi Matzig, Chairman of Asian Trails and William E. Heinecke, Chairman of the Minor Group

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