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The way to Get Extra Subscribers On YouTube

How to get more subscribers on YouTube

Just as every star needs fans to get famous, every YouTuber needs subscribers to grow and get famous. In order to monetize your YouTube channel, you need to meet the subscriber milestones. Even if your goal isn’t to get known on YouTube and just promote your product, you need subscribers to increase your views and reach. With the new YouTube algorithm, you need subscribers who drive your views and engagement to appear on people’s feeds.

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7 ways to increase your subscribers

Here are a couple of ways you can get your subscribers on board in no time:

1. Ask viewers to subscribe

It’s that simple. Viewers need to be reminded to subscribe to your channel. You may think that your unique content and great pictures will get you more followers, but it doesn’t. Sometimes viewers need to be reminded of the red subscribe button. There’s no shame in asking for subscribers at the end of your YouTube videos. Always make your end video catchy and add a subscriber button CTA that encourages your viewers to click the button to increase your numbers.

2. Provide an indication of the next video

We’re all a bunch of curious people who love to expect new things. The most organic way to get people to subscribe to your channel is to pick up your next video. It’s always a good idea to promote your upcoming video trailer in advance as it will make your viewers more curious about what the upcoming content might be. This is something most movie-makers, who take a look at their upcoming film, do to get a buzz; and this advertising idea leads to the success of films in most cases. The most renowned YouTubers advertise the trailer for their upcoming videos on various social media platforms to inform their followers about the release date.

3. Stay engaging

The best way to grow and keep YouTube subscribers is to hire them. Create small payouts or run contests to get more subscribers. For example, you could run a small competition with a giveaway that attracts your audience and motivates them to subscribe to your channel, such as: This will help you get more subscribers without looking too needy. Always interact with your viewers in the comment section, this will result in a higher engagement rate of your video and it will result in a higher ranking in YouTube search.

4. Optimize your YouTube channel page

When a viewer lands on your page, they’ll either leave immediately or scroll down to watch videos on your channel. Some research has shown that an optimized channel page results in a higher subscription rate. Your YouTube channel graphics should be memorable enough to grab the viewer’s interest as this is the first impression people get when they land on your channel page. Always add a subscribe button to your channel banner or graphic. This is because a viewer who wants to connect should be able to subscribe to your channel right away.

5. Correct video thumbnail and channel icon

Put a neat and eye-catching thumbnail as it will create the first impression of your video. Avoid using blurry pictures and unprofessional titles as they will leave a bad impression. Always read the instructions for the correct thumbnail size before creating one. Your channel icon should be your headshot or creative vector image as it will be used throughout your channel.

6. Cross Promotion

As I mentioned earlier, most YouTubers are promoting their new videos and channels on other social media in order to get more subscribers. You can even ask your friends and family to promote your channel every now and then to keep the buzz going. You may have more followers on other social media platforms than the number of subscribers on your channel. Try to turn these into your subscribers by sharing parts of your videos in your posts or stories.

7. Research

It is important to do research before creating any new content. You need to study what your competitors are doing and try to outperform their work. Knowing what niche you’re looking for is also important.

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