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The New Djibouti Sheraton competing with Kempinski and the Atlantic as high Inns

  • The Kempinski, the Atlantic and now the Sheraton Djibouti vie for guests on the dramatic Djibouti coast.
  • Today Sheraton announced the opening of its 185-room hotel as the first hotel in Africa under the Marriott brand after investing a million dollars
  • The newly designed rooms should create an environment in which guests can feel comfortable and at ease, regardless of whether they are working, meeting or relaxing.

Starting from its roots as a community hub for locals and guests at flagship locations around the world, the new approach for Sheraton creates an intuitive and holistic experience with places where you can connect, be productive and feel part of something.

The hotel is located on the Plateau du Serpent in the old diplomatic quarter, just a few minutes’ walk from downtown Djibouti and 10 minutes from Djibouti Ambouli International Airport. The iconic Sheraton Djibouti was the first international hotel to open in the capital, combining rich Djiboutian culture with global hospitality standards. The hotel was recognized by the Republic of Djibouti in the first year of its opening and featured on the Post’s annual postage stamp. A landmark for the local community, the Sheraton Djibouti is a special reminder of many Djiboutians who enjoyed glamorous visits, family reunions and cultural celebrations at the hotel.


In the heart of the Sheraton Djibouti is the lobby with a magnificent crystal light that represents the map of Djibouti. The lobby was redesigned as the hotel’s “public square”; A holistic, open space that invites you to be together or to take time to create a feeling of energy and belonging, among other things. With a natural, intuitive, and straightforward flow, guests have everything they need within easy reach, all in an inviting setting that is warm and comfortable, yet sophisticated.

Sheraton Djibouti shares many of the hallmarks of Sheraton’s new vision. This includes the Community table, an inviting, purpose-built work space that anchors the hotel’s lobby and allows guests to work, eat, and drink while soaking up the energy of the space. Following the Sheraton philosophy of considering both form and function, these tables are bespoke and equipped with amenities to ensure guest productivity, including built-in lighting and power outlets.

The studios are flexible meeting points Bookable whenever a guest needs it, making it easier to collaborate, connect and socialize in a less formal setting. The technology-enabled studios, built on raised platforms and enclosed with glass, enable guests to contribute to the energy of the public space while at the same time providing privacy and focus for small group meetings or private dining experiences.

The new upscale food and drink selection at the Sheraton Djibouti is a focal point in the lobby. Part bar, part coffee house and part market, that Coffee bar is a central pillar of the new Sheraton vision that seamlessly transfers guests from day to night, with local restaurants that are easy to consume while at work and can be adapted to suit every taste and schedule.


In the guest rooms, which are being gradually renovated, guests are welcomed in a bright, well-lit room with a warm, homely look. Soft surfaces and light wood tones are complemented by blue and turquoise accents inspired by the Djibouti sea, while the walls are adorned with locally inspired artwork. The spacious and modern guest rooms have been redesigned with new productivity tools like USB chargers and media panels. Guests can enjoy all of the amenities expected of a Sheraton stay, including the Sheraton Sleep Experience platform bed and modern walk-in showers.

The converted Sheraton Club Lounge is an exclusive space for Marriott Bonvoy Elite members and Sheraton Club guests and offers an inviting and upscale environment that blends seamlessly with activities from morning to night. Guests will find updated food and beverage offerings, world-class amenities, improved connectivity and 24/7 access to a private environment.


Guests have access to a range of hotel recreational facilities, including an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the Red Sea, where guests can relax and dine in the beachfront restaurant, Khamsin Pool Bar. The hotel’s private beach is an idyllic spot for private gatherings, sunset barbecues, and water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding. The Crystal Lounge is a popular destination for the local community and offers a variety of drinks, light meals and evening entertainment.

The Sheraton Djibouti has 327 m² of event space, including 3 meeting rooms and a newly renovated ballroom with seating for 180 guests. The hotel’s professional meeting and event professionals provide the necessary expertise and support for successful gatherings, from small group meetings to large wedding celebrations.

“We look forward to welcoming travelers from all over the world and local residents alike to experience the new and inspiring spaces at Sheraton Djibouti,” said Boumediene Ouadjed, General Manager of Sheraton Djibouti, “Djibouti has an eclectic mix of old and new much to offer and to discover. Its extensive landscapes with salt lakes, sunken plains and rocky canyons make it a great destination for nature lovers. ”

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