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Skål Worldwide Thailand launches vacation spot advertising and marketing regardless of COVID surge

Skål International Thailand has launched a number of destination marketing websites that focus on promoting its business as part of its membership benefits.

  1. Skål Thailand has launched a travel destination marketing campaign to help rediscover the country.
  2. With inspiring images of Thailand’s beauty and culture, websites lure the traveler into a virtual world where travel dreams can flourish.
  3. Currently, Thailand is seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases.

“In order to encourage the return of tourists and visitors to Thailand (as soon as the borders are fully reopened and it is safe to do so), we are committed to supporting our members in this marketing initiative.

“#Rediscoverthailand focuses on inspiring images of Thailand’s natural beauty as well as sophisticated city life and rich cultural history,” said Wolfgang Grimm, President of Skål International Thailand.

The original idea, #rediscoversamui, was first launched by the Skål Club of Koh Samui. Due to its success, Skål International Thailand is now expanding it to all regions with a Skål Club. Skål members now have their business on the destination portal #rediscoverthailand 100% FREE and with no fees, with all referrals directed to their websites.

#rediscoverthailand –

#rediscoverbangkok –

#rediscoverchiangmai –

#rediscoverhuahin –

#rediscoverkrabi –

#rediscoverphuket –

#rediscoversamui –

Skål International is an association of travel and tourism professionals that promotes and creates a network of contacts around the world. It is the only international body that brings together all sectors of the travel and tourism industry.

Skål International’s more than 12,714 members include managers and executives from the travel and tourism industry who meet locally, nationally, regionally and internationally to do business with friends in more than 335 Skål clubs in 100 countries.

The basic unit of Skål International is the club, such as Skål International Thailand, which acts as a liaison for Skål International in Skål activities within the geographical boundaries of the club.

On the COVID front, the total number of cases in Thailand has risen from under 7,000 at the end of last year to over 88,000. That surge is fueled by the emergence of a third wave that began in a Bangkok nightclub in March. Since the start of the third wave, the Thai authorities have detected more than 36,000 infections in April and more than 21,000 infections in the first eleven days of May alone.


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