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Profitable Webinars: How Our L&D Companions Profit

How to Create Successful Webinars: Tips and Tricks

Hosting successful webinars is a great outreach and lead generation strategy that gives you the opportunity to connect with your prospects. Most importantly, you show the world what your brand stands for and how well you can communicate. At the same time, you can get to know your attendees and even answer questions they may have.

Above all, a webinar gives you the opportunity to understand their needs and respond to them. In all honesty, there is no better way to explain how your solutions can solve their weaknesses! Consequently, you need to find an interesting topic that can subtly reflect your unique selling propositions.

But what makes a webinar successful? When trying to schedule a webinar, know that it takes a lot of work, which means it will take a lot of time, resources, and experience.

Don’t worry because in this article I am going to explain how you can create a successful webinar with ease, all based on our own experiences and results!

Tips for a successful webinar that speaks to your target audience

Your webinar topic should capture the interest of the community you want to target, but it should also serve your brand. When you create content that aligns with your business goals and the needs of your target audience, success follows.

Here are some webinar tips that will help you get the best results:

Research your webinar topic

One of the most important factors in presenting a successful webinar is of course professional competence. Before you can go live with any content, you need to research your topic thoroughly. You may also want to seek feedback from subject matter experts or other organizations that have run their own webinars. You may even need to do additional research on the audience you are trying to target. Informal conversations, formal interviews, and surveys can help you assess whether a particular webinar topic is right for you and your audience. You may also want to review topics by referencing your website analytics. Popular pages are a good indicator of your audience’s interest.

Know your presentation like the back of your hand

Consider yourself the presenter of your own show! The safer and more knowledgeable you are, the better. After all, webinars are all about demonstrating expertise and discussing a specific topic. For your webinar to be a success, you need to keep attendees engaging high. To do this, you need to make it flow effortlessly instead of reading your slides straight from your screen. In fact, it would be best if you are the subject matter expert. Getting a PowerPoint from your SME just minutes before the live event is the equivalent of an actor receiving the script minutes before shooting … not ideal. Preparation is key, so avoid just reading the presentation to your attendees during your live webinar.

Technical setup

To be honest, hosting a webinar is like doing your own live video production. Such an event relies heavily on technology and exceptional performance. So you need to make sure that your tech equipment is up and running. Nobody wants to endure poor quality sound or video. So it’s important to keep everything in check before the event. There are several different types of microphones for hosting webinars if you want to take your event to the next level. For example, you can opt for a dynamic microphone or a condenser microphone, or even choose a high-end headset. The same goes for the video quality. Relying on your laptop’s camera may not be ideal. Instead, you might want to invest in the right webcam for the job. All of the above will ensure that your video is not blurry or that your audio is not cut out or distorted.

Practice before going live

Practice creates masters! It is very important to have a demo of the live webinar and test the technology that you will be using. Open your webinar tool, share your presentation, take surveys, etc. to make sure everything is working fine. For example, our moderators hold 3-5 preparation sessions for our premium webinars. Why? This way, our webinar coach ensures that you look like a rock star during your live event presentation.

Be ready to answer any questions that the target audience may have

It’s likely that your webinar attendees will ask a few questions after your presentation. So be ready to give solid answers. Doing careful research beforehand is a safe way to anticipate questions that you may be asked. Once you have an idea of ​​what to expect, you can also create sample answers just in case. This way you can avoid awkward pauses during your live session.

Don’t show up alone at the live event

If you are responsible for presenting the webinar, it is a good idea to have at least one other person manage the live chat, create surveys, or play videos. Your only goal should be to give an engaging presentation. Why? Because attendees can tell if a webinar host is rushing, hesitating, or being distracted by technical issues. When you work with eLI you don’t have to worry about that as our webinar host will be happy to assist you!

Are you looking for ways to build successful webinars and attract L&D professionals?

Here is your chance to capture high quality leads that are beyond your control!

3 reasons to partner with an online community like the eLearning industry

Big audience

Is your current audience too small? No worries! eLI is the largest online learning community, attracting nearly a million L&D professionals every month. By partnering with eLI, you can target your buyer personalities as soon as they are looking for solutions for their specific business requirements.

Extensive webinar experience

In the past few years we have hosted over 190 webinars working with leading L&D providers such as Adobe, Docebo, CommLab India, InfoPro Learning and Learning Pool. eLI created a smooth experience and a solid process where all you have to do is provide the content – we’ll do the rest. Head to our webinar section for some great webinar examples and ideas.

Premium guidance and support

eLI offers a competitive advantage with Melissa Chambers, an experienced US webinar coach. Running webinars alongside Melissa has resulted in great success metrics. Our webinar coach has more than 20 years of experience in online instructional design, developing eLearning strategies and creative media production. Melissa can support and guide you to make a successful webinar. She will help you look like a rock star!

By partnering with eLI, you can keep using your webinar by posting it as an on-demand gated asset after the event. This will give you more leads and 24/7 access to leads through your account.

Feel free to read our full guide for more tips on running successful webinars.


Hosting a webinar can be stressful, but there’s no doubt you can rock it with the right guidance! Even the most seasoned professionals get nervous before their live event. What most presenters stress is that they are concerned about delivering a flat presentation or having major technical problems. We have all the tips and tools you need to start hosting webinars that are anything but boring.

There is no reason to take the risk of spending your precious time and budget on efforts that may not bring you the ROI you expect. Webinar marketing is very effective. We have seen it lead to lead generation and quality leads. When you team up with the right partner, you can go a step further. Join us and we will make sure that your next webinar is a favorite of the participants!

Find out more about how we run successful webinars with our partners.

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