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New Worker Guidelines: Making Worker Onboarding Enjoyable

A new employee checklist – onboarding overview

Do you remember the feeling of starting a new job? The excitement, anticipation? Thinking about the onboarding process for your employees may feel different, but now you are responsible for training new employees and it is your job to ensure that each new team member has a great experience at your company.

There are several ways to make the employee onboarding process exciting, as well as common pitfalls for what makes an employee onboarding program boring. It’s so important to consider how to start building employee engagement before your new team members start on day one.

As a manager, it is your responsibility to intentionally train new employees. New employees will remember this if they are thrown into meetings unprepared. Treat them for who they are with all of their wants and needs as this is a big part of feeling accepted. Think about how you would like to be treated if you were just starting out in your company.

eBook release

How to Make Training Great: Your New Employee Onboarding Checklist

Find out insider tips to keep boredom away and encourage new employees to become involved!

The Ultimate New Hire Onboarding Checklist

Here is a checklist to consider for your new hire’s onboarding process:

  • How can I make your employee onboarding process fun, even when everyone is online or working remotely?
  • What does my new employee need for onboarding from HR documents / services to job-specific training?
  • Is there a way to use current employees or management for storytelling in our new onboarding?
  • How can we create a corporate culture of continuous employee training?
  • Do I have to develop custom content in my LMS?
  • What does our IT or compliance team need so that new employees can be trained for security training?
  • Is there a way to improve our compliance training?
  • How can we collect feedback from our new employees after completing the initial new employee training? What can be done to improve our new hire’s onboarding experience?

Engaging your new hires goes beyond providing a company t-shirt and computer for an employee. It’s about getting to know the mission, vision and core values ​​of your company and educating your new employees about what your product / service is actually doing in order to integrate them into your company culture.

At curricula, we use storytelling as the basis for our eLearning content. The characters you see in this book are from our animated online training episodes

* Faildoze * is a term we use as a warning sign of possible danger. Much like a bulldozer, when you fail at something this hard, you just get knocked down or you’ve knocked someone else down – that means being a faildozer. We don’t want to make any new hires.

Make an emotional connection

We wrote the eBook “How To Make Training Great: Your New Employee Onboarding Checklist” so you can jump to the parts of this book to find the information you need to get your new employee training successful. Each chapter ends with key insights, and we also host a webinar that explains how to incorporate storytelling into your staff training.

We created our own learning path to create a pretty immersive onboarding experience for new hires. If we have learned anything from this eBook, we must strive to create a great onboarding experience for employees that is worthwhile. Employees will remember and recite their onboarding experience for the rest of their careers.

Think about how you can go beyond a PowerPoint presentation to create a training experience that will make your new hires feel like they are joining something bigger than themselves during a new hiring training course.

By the time the robots come to power, everyone who works in your company is human with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Put your employees first and empower them from day 1. We’re all there to support one another. Thank you for taking the time to make your new hire a fun and memorable experience.

Now we’re starting to learn together …

Turn your new hiring process into an immersive experience

Download the eBook. How to Make Training Great: Your new hire onboarding checklist has more tips to add to the excitement and create a culture of continuous learning. You can also attend the webinar to harness the power of storytelling for your employees’ training experiences.

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