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New Vacationer Security Gadget of Spanish Police for Camino de Santiago Pilgrimmage

  1. “We protect the path: anniversary year 2021-2022” literally means “We protect the path: anniversary year 2021-2022”.
  2. A new program aims to protect the Camino de Santiago so pilgrims and tourists can enjoy a safer environment.
  3. In addition and as a novelty, the national police station along the way will also be an official center for stamping IDs.

The Director General of the National Police, Francisco Pardo Piqueras, presented the program “Protegemos el Camino: Año Jubilar 2021-2022”, which aims to ensure the safety of pilgrims on the various stages of the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Police officers from the offices of the National Police are stationed along the way, who serve as contact points for the pilgrims and work with the institutions and authorities involved. These stations become official centers for the stamping of certificates, a necessary condition for obtaining “la Compostela” after completing the Camino.

The information and material includes a QR code for quick access to the area dedicated to the National Police website,, to promote a safe Jacobean year in Spain. In it, pilgrims will find safety tips, the geolocation of the nearest police station, the stamping points grouped according to the route and the possibility of downloading the stamp card. The emergency number is 091.

Police officers from other countries, mainly from Germany, France, Italy and Portugal, will continue to patrol with members of the National Police to assist foreign pilgrims and tourists. Your tasks will include carrying out patrols, preferably on foot, but also in vehicles, in order to prevent crime on public roads.

They will also contact citizens in general, and tourists of their nationality in particular, to help them with the translation work and to assist and assist them with complaints. The foreign police officers will patrol in their national service uniform.

The National Police make the following recommendations:

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