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Modernism At The Rodin Museum In Paris

Rodin Museum in Paris

Paris is known as one of the art capitals in the world. Many notable painters hail from the beautiful city or venture there for inspiration. But while it’s the home of painting, it’s certainly not the only form of creative expression thriving in the French capital.

Sculpture fans will be pampered, especially when they visit the legendary Auguste Rodin Museum, which is filled with neoclassical works and fascinating insights into the sculptor’s life.

Beautiful gardens in the Rodin Museum 1Beautiful gardens in the Rodin Museum

Beautiful gardens in the Rodin Museum 1 1


Rodin is considered one of the greatest sculptors in the world and has been blamed for his innovative sculpture, which gives it a more prominent place in modern art. The French sculptor, born in 1840, received traditional training, proceeded with craftsmanship, and desperately sought academic recognition. However, he was never accepted into the main art school in Paris. Instead, the artist, with his turbulent clay surfaces and pocket structures, was viewed as a certain rebel.

Rodin’s style did not fit well with the prevailing tradition of figure sculpture and he was widely criticized in his life for not following the decorative, formulaic and thematic works of other artists.

Rodin Museum in Paris 1 1

He modeled much of his work on the human body, adding realistic themes and focusing on honesty and individuality about shapes. Rodin turned away from mythology and only educated the rich and famous. He took a more modern approach and instead respected physicality.

The controversy has always been closely linked to the artist, but he held on and refused to change his behavior, which was eventually praised by the French government and the artist community. By 1900 he was a world-renowned sculptor who earned wealthy private clients who paid phenomenal sums to own an example of his work. Towards the end of his life, Rodin mingled almost exclusively with top-class intellectuals and artists and married his lifelong companion Rose Beuret in the last year of his life.

In the years following his death, his legacy remained solid as he cemented his name among some of the world’s best-known sculptors. He was well known outside of the fine arts as well.

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Given this popularity in Paris and beyond, it only made sense to open a museum of his works. In 1916 he handed over his diverse collection, which included both his drawings and his sculptures, to the government. After his death in 1917 at the age of 77, his work was swift to showcase his accomplishments.

Things to do in paris

The Musee Rodin opened to the public on August 4, 1919 and contains an overwhelming number of sculptures made from bronze, marble, plaster of paris, terracotta and wax. It also displays a wide range of ceramics, paintings, and drawings on the walls, as well as works by Renoir, Monet, and Van Gogh from Rodin’s personal collection.

Rodin Museum

Located in Hotel BironThe museum and garden are beautiful to look at, with surprises around every corner and lots of stunning designs to spark the imagination of visitors. The Rodin Museums are no doubt supposed to be in the Paris tours of all art lovers.

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The Rodin Museum in Paris France

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