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Meet Candidate Andrew J. Wooden

Skål Asia Vice President Andrew J. Wood announced today that he will run for the presidential election in Skål Asia’s 2021-2023 elections, which will take place virtually on August 25, 2021.

  1. Interview with Skål Asia’s presidential candidate Andrew J. Wood and Dr. Scott Michael Smith, Assumption University Course Coordinator from the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  2. Wood’s nomination to head Skål Asia’s top job comes as no surprise to many.
  3. He was the longest serving member of the Asia board and the longest serving of the three vice presidents of the board.

Wood first joined the board of Skål Asian Area (SAA) 16 years ago as Director of Development 2005-2009 and held the VP office twice, first in 2009-2010 and most recently from 2017 to today.

Wood is the past President of the Thai National Committee from 2012 to 2014 and currently President of the Skål Bangkok Club, a position he held for the first time in 2008-10 and again in 2018.

In 2010 Wood joined the board of Skål International as a director. He is a respected and distinguished member of Skål and Wood has served us superbly for 29 years. There is no question that Wood not only has the experience and skills to run Skål Asia, but also has an impressive service record at Skål International that has been honed over many years.

Wood’s wealth of knowledge and contacts – both within Skål but equally important on the global travel and tourism stage – make him an ideal candidate. A British national with a professional career in hospitality in Thailand, Wood’s adopted home for the past 30 years, this seasoned general manager has run some of the country’s finest hotels and resorts, including the famous Royal Cliff Group of Hotels. The Royal Cliff Resort hosted the very successful 2006 Skål World Congress.

In 2019 he was awarded Skåls Membre D’Honneur and received the Skål Order of Merit, awarded in 2013 by President Mok Singh, and the Skål President’s Award, given in 2020 by President Peter Morrison.

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