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Lengthy-awaited holidays encourage vaccinations

The COVID-19 coronavirus has mutated, and unfortunately the third wave that attacked the world turned out to be much stronger than expected.

  1. People get infected faster and sometimes much more severely.
  2. We have seen people get various forms of intestinal infections and digestive system complications, and the infection has hit the younger age groups harder than before.
  3. The current trends don’t just look the same, they are rather a frightening development.

Although infection and mortality numbers are going through the roof compared to a year ago, people are no longer panicking. This is COVID Y2Q1 and we did everything we can except take the virus out for dinner. People thankfully got used to it mentally, says ANIXE Insights in its Travel Market Trends report. We can thank human design for that. Since we all agree that COVID has been going nowhere for some time, we have planned our lives keeping in mind medical advice, historical data, and personal decisions with COVID in mind.

The manufacture and launch of several different COVID vaccines around the world has given some people hope for a quick fix and scared others with images of a new totalitarian global initiative where privacy, choice and social freedom are a thing of the past.

A look at China today

Your infection / vaccination history is on your mobile phone, soon on chips embedded under your skin. There is one CCTV camera for every 2 people with the aim of 1: 1. There is an app that awards you for good social behavior and deducts points for bad social behavior (at the moment this includes breaking social distance, removing your mask or Pushing under the nose, spitting or sneezing in public, touching walls and other surfaces that are not intended for this purpose and throwing away rubbish, among other things).

Without enough points you couldn’t eat in a restaurant, shop in a supermarket, drive a car, use public transport, go to the cinema, fly anywhere … or even leave the house.

The Chinese don’t complain. You have been a communist nation since the beginning of time. This is just communism 5G for them.

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