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La Doce Vita. 12 Superior Spots in Italy You Ought to Verify Out Throughout a Highway Journey.

Live the doce vita. The lakes, mountains, vineyards, history and gastronomy are waiting for you. Italy is an excellent travel destination. And while it’s not a big country, it exudes culture and history. And who wouldn’t want to try the exquisite Italian cuisine? We love jumping in a car and taking off while in Italy. In our opinion, it is the best way to experience Italy and all it has to offer.

What is remarkable about Italy is that it is the country with the most world heritage sites. Hence, there is a lot to see when you are there. No wonder tourists prefer to take a road trip to explore the country.

That said, it would be best to find out the best Italy road trip destinations while reading some road trip packing tips online. So where should you stop by on your Italy road trip? Here is a list of 12 travel destinations worth including on your Italian road trip route.

The Amalfi Coast is something very special. Positano is probably the most photographed, but we love neighboring Praiano. Fewer tourists with great views.

Amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast is a popular destination when one thinks of a road trip in Italy. It is so popular that you will encounter many other vehicles, including buses, during your drive along the Amalfi Coast. The streets are pretty narrow too, so expect traffic to hold you up. The best thing to do on the Amalfi Coast is to find a parking space and explore on a Vespa. A real Italian experience.

You can enjoy the Amalfi Coast by car as long as you are vigilant and have excellent driving skills. The Amalfi Coast offers beautiful views in Italy, so it deserves a place on your itinerary.

The only problem, of course, is that it is difficult to find a free parking space to really enjoy the sights. So if you are planning on going to the Amalfi Coast on a road trip, it is best to avoid driving during high season.

For as few crowds as possible, you might even want to consider going there in the winter season instead of the summer. We love the shoulder months like September. Less crowds but still great weather.


You can’t go on a trip to Italy without going to one of the many wineries that are out there. And when you think of wineries, you think of the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Tuscany is also an excellent destination for road trips. You see wineries and olive groves as far as the eye can see. When in Tuscany you have to go on a food trip with your road trip, as this is where the most delicious food in the region is found.

The cities in Tuscany are also beautiful and worth a stop. Hence, you should take the time to enjoy these cities.


Another coastal drive to add to your Italian road trip route is Sicily. Sicily is a travel destination steeped in history, so make plenty of stops along the way. With all of the beautiful historical places in Sicily, you might want to park your car for a while if you can make it here and walk around a bit.

While walking through Sicily, you can enjoy the archaeological finds and architectural masterpieces. If you are looking for historical discoveries, be sure to visit the Valley of the Temples. There you will see many ancient ruins that are still standing tall today.

You should also set out and drive along the salt flats, which are located somewhere between Marsala and Trapani. There you will see windmills and lagoons as well as the salt pans. You can even stop in Marsala and enjoy some of their wine.


Venice tends to be crowded with day trippers during the day. Stay overnight for a truly magical experience.


Venice is another of Italy’s iconic cities that should be on your itinerary when you tour the country. However, Venice is a car-free city. This means that if you have rented one, you will have to park your car outside of the city center to get there.

Even so, you can always have Venice as your first destination before starting your road trip, right? There are many things you can do in Venice. Most of all, you want to ride the gondola.

The gondola ride can help you see landmarks around Venice that you otherwise would not have been able to see from this perspective. It is therefore advisable to rent a gondola on site.

We always recommend staying in Venice. It often gets crowded during the day, but it gets magical at night. Music will fill the air after 90% of tourists leave for the day.

Five countries

Cinque Terre refers to the five fishing communities in Liguria, which is in northwestern Italy.

The Cinque Terre used to be a bit of a remote area, but is now much more accessible than it used to be. However, it would still be quite difficult to get there, especially if you are traveling by car.

An excellent way to accomplish this goal is to get on a train. However, you can also get there by car, although given the road conditions you need to be a fairly experienced driver to get to Cinque Terre. Once there, you’ll find that these colorful fishing villages are well worth the wait.


We mentioned earlier that taking a road trip to Tuscany is a great idea. Well one of the cities that you can visit in Tuscany would be Pisa. Yes, you may be familiar with this name as it is home to the universally famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Hence, you can customize your full tourist form and also stop by the Leaning Tower of Pisa during your stay.

Of course, not only the tower can be admired there. Also, look out for the Pisa Cathedral and the Baptistery of St. John, located in Piazza Dei Miracoli.

All of these buildings are excellent examples of the Pisan Romanesque architectural style. And you can admire the ingenuity with which these buildings were created.

Lake Como

You could spend months exploring Italy’s northern lakes. We think Lake Como is great and a perfect destination for a road trip.

The northern lakes

If you are planning a road trip with you and your significant other, consider adding a romantic destination to your itinerary. Italy, of course, has somewhat romantic landscapes.

However, an extraordinary place that makes it particularly romantic is the lake area in Italy. That’s because you can see the Northern Lakes here.

Lake Como and Lake Garda are excellent locations, and you can enjoy a lake getaway with stopping by these destinations. On a boat tour, you can even get out of the car and into a boat to enjoy the lakes up close. There you can admire many villas in the area as well as the crystal blue lakes around you.


Puglia is called the heel of Italy because of the shape of the boot and how the country looks.

In addition to being the heel of Italy, Puglia is another excellent road trip destination as this coastal region has a lot to offer. You’ll enjoy the sights of rugged cliffs and quiet beach towns, and even enjoy the local seafood cuisine.

A car can get you to many of Puglia’s more underrated spots, so adding this to your road trip route is a must. You can also enjoy the local street food scene there. So for food lovers, Puglia could be the hidden gem of Italy that you want to visit.

The Great Dolomites Road

If you want to experience breathtaking sights while driving, you have to stop at the Great Dolomite Road. The Great Dolomites Road is one of the best ways to enjoy the rugged Dolomites around you. You can admire her majesty in all its glory when you drive the Great Dolomites Road, where every bend feels picturesque.

For more sporty connoisseurs, there are many refreshment stops along the Great Dolomite Road. And so you can enjoy sports activities in the area. A popular activity here would be winter sports, for example. But many hikers have also enjoyed trekking in the area.

You can also stop at beautiful Lago di Carezza, a lake that offers clear reflections of the glorious sky and towering mountains.


When you think of Italy, the image that pops up in your mind could be green rolling hills for the picturesque landscape.

However, Trieste is not what you would expect when you think of an Italian city. This is because Trieste is a strong mix of different cultures centuries ago. In particular, it shows a combination of Italian and Austrian influences.

For lovers of literature and history, Trieste has an exciting past that is well worth exploring. It served as a kind of cultural center in Italy, where artists, writers, and even philosophers spent some time.

Today Trieste is still a cultural center and, interestingly, they are responsible for supplying 40% of the coffee in Italy. So it would be ideal to stop here, read a good book, and enjoy time in a local cafe.


The Aosta Valley is another destination in Italy that you might want to try. It is the smallest region in Italy, but still has a lot to offer.

The region offers many interesting castles and fortresses, such as the Bard Fortress, the Sarre Castle and the Sarriod de La Tour Castle. You can also enjoy the Italian Alps, which perfectly frame the Aosta Valley.

Stelvio Pass

The Stilfser Joch is a wonderful driving route with fantastic panoramic views all around you. It is Italy’s most famous mountain pass. So there is no reason not to stop by this place to take in the view. Of course there are still some hairpin bends and narrow streets, but if you know what you are doing, the Stilfser Joch is worth it.

By the way, there are other incredible mountain passes to explore. Try Splugan Pass for other great views.

Our last word

Italy is an ideal travel destination as it has a rich culture, famous cuisine and beautiful scenery. It also has great infrastructure and road system. With the help of a car to take you to places, you can reach some corners of Italy that you may have yet to explore.

The next time you’re in Italy, rent a car and try to organize a road trip with these destinations. Even if you’ve been there before you might find something new if you go there.

So pack your bags, start the engine and enjoy the ride!

Geraldine Mills is an avowed wanderlust from the land Down Under, Australia! She funds her adventures by working as a branding consultant and travel writer. She loves to share the excitement of backpacking and to be one with nature. You can read more of her adventures here

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