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Italy reopenings a results of vaccinations

Prime Minister Mario Draghi held a live press conference to illustrate the “Economy, Labor, Youth and Health” decree and to discuss the reopening of Italy.

  1. Italian Economy and Finance Minister Daniele Franco and Labor Minister Andrea Orlando were also present at the press conference.
  2. This decree is different from the past because it looks to the future, said the Prime Minister.
  3. We have to beat the pandemic to revive the economy, Prime Minister Draghi stressed.

“The reopenings are largely the result of vaccinations. The logistics are going well and if there is one thing I am proud of it is priority given to the most fragile issues. Two months ago it was the least vaccinated category between the ages of 70 and 79; today it is 80 percent. “

Prime Minister Draghi said so at the press conference to present the Sostegno (financial assistance) decree approved by the Council of Ministers. This decree, he stressed, “differs from the past because it looks to the future and to the country that will reopen but leave no one behind. It helps and it helps. “

Look to the future with confidence

“We have to beat the pandemic to revive the economy. The best support is reopening activities. We expect an improvement in the next quarter. Even if it is still early to talk about sustainable growth, we need the PNNR for that, ”said Draghi. This is the recovery plan on which Draghi affirmed, “There has been no slowdown and the time elapsed was necessary to address its complexities.”

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