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Indonesia Tourism sees opening of Arasatu Villas and Sanctuary

The governor of Kalimantan Timur, HE Dr. Ir. H. Isran Noor; M. Si., The Bupati (Local Premier) of Kabupaten Berau; Hj. Sri Juniarsih Mas; and their delegations from the Tourism Department were accompanied by HE Nico Barito, Seychelles Special Envoy for ASEAN; and Alain St.Ange, President of the African Tourism Board and General Secretary of FORSEAA (Forum of Small Medium Economic Africa Asean) at the grand opening of Arasatu Villas and Sanctuary on the pristine island of Maratua.

  1. The owners at the ceremony were Yan Surya Kusuma Darmabasuan and Angelia Darmabasuan.
  2. Arasatu Villas & Sanctuary offers a unique stay experience over the finest turquoise waters of Maratua Island.
  3. Arasatu’s floating villas were inspired by the overwater bungalows in East Borneo.

Alain St.Ange, the successful former Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Navy of the Seychelles, was in Indonesia to consolidate the spirit of South-South cooperation and to use Indonesia as a necessary bridge between Africa and the ASEAN bloc. The new Arasatu Villas & Sanctuary, dubbed the unique PARADISE ON EARTH project, is a pilot project by Indonesia and the Seychelles on the island of Maratua. The Arasatu Villas & Sanctuary, built on the east side of Borneo, offers a unique stay experience over the finest turquoise waters of the island of Maratua.

The opening

“The cozy hammock on the terrace lets you immerse yourself in the beauty of the island while you sip a unique drink under the blazing sun and the shining stars, which you can certainly not resist,” said an employee of the new hotel building. The hotel’s charming wooden ornaments are also mainly made by the locals on Maratua Island to support the local economy while adhering to the developer’s vision of reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the country.

“No trip to Maratua is complete without snorkeling. Experience snorkeling in the transparent sea water and experience these beautiful corals right under the villas. Arasatu aims to support marine ecosystems and to house the giant clams of Maratua Island. This is why the Cocoral Dive Center was founded, ”says the hotel representative.

Indonesia Tourism sees the opening of Arasatu Villas and SanctuaryThe villas

The Arasatu’s floating villas, inspired by the overwater bungalows of East Borneo, provide an intimate connection to the shimmering Celebes Sea. Private sundeck with hammocks over turquoise water for a relaxing time or just a few steps from the beach for a swim. These floating villas offer endless activities and experiences to satisfy any island vacation. This villa features an extended sundeck with outdoor shower, an over the water hammock for two, a private staircase to the ocean and an extra large day bed to maximize your over the water vacation. The semi-open bathroom is equipped with a walk-in rain shower and a large backlit mirror. In addition, each villa has private clear glass doors for ocean views and a skylight for star gazing.

Alain St Ange said the proximity of Maratua Island to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kakaban Island, home to the unique freshwater jellyfish, presents a rare opportunity not to be missed. “This pink jellyfish doesn’t sting and I swam with them personally,” said Alain St.Ange.

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