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How To Hit Targets And Bolster Self-Confidence

Sales training strategies for achieving goals and bridging gaps

Let’s cover key sales training strategies and JIT support resources to drive continuous learning from your sales reps, whether they are full-time team members or partners working on a commission basis. This guide also sheds light on how you can tailor sales training based on the gaps, goals, and expectations of employees / partners.

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Ensure business growth with effective sales and partner training

Boost sales stats and employee confidence with a solid sales and partner training strategy.

Top sales training activities and support tools to empower partners

Many employees and external partners feel that the pressure increases as the deadlines approach and sales are still tight. Fortunately, you can employ sales training strategies that fill the gaps and instill confidence on the spot. Here are some inspiring sales and partner training ideas to consider for your L&D program:

Task simulations

Task simulations allow employees and external partners to become active and learn from their mistakes. After all, everyone is allowed to make mistakes as long as they see them as a life lesson and gain experience. Simulations are ideal for sales reps who need to master the POS process or learn how to complete orders remotely. However, you can also use these immersive training activities to tackle other challenges, such as dealing with customer complaints or buying anxiety.

Persona-based scenarios

Branch scenarios are a great way to create real-world experiences without risking your CX values. Salespeople need to use their skills, expertise, and previous experience to navigate the situation. The first scenario, for example, shows a customer who is standing by the fence buying your product and needs a little nudge. Perhaps the sales rep may choose to pitch a variety of products instead of actively listening to the consumer’s needs, which leads them down a less favorable decision-making path. The key is to highlight not only new situations but personalities as well, so that employees and partners are exposed to unique traits and buying habits.

Product knowledge exams

One of the top self-assessment sales training activities is product pop quizzes. Sales reps can test their knowledge of product specifications, features and benefits, as well as their practical application. Best of all, since it’s a self-assessment, you don’t have to worry about losing face in front of your colleagues. In short, it’s a quick and effective way to identify gaps and use JIT support resources to bridge them on your own. For example, a member of your field service team finds that they know very little about your new app or your service plans. As a result, they click their way through the micro-learning library for tutorials, checklists, and demo videos to fill in the gaps.

Sales Skills Demos

Demos are also the perfect solution for employees and partners who need to improve their skills and competencies. These videos examine the essentials, from effectively communicating with customers to empathizing with customers on a tight budget. Primarily, sales skills demos show sales reps how to apply those talents in the real world, rather than just reading theories or tips. For example, they can see what active listening looks like in action and what techniques they can use, how to rephrase the client’s question and decipher non-verbal cues.

Match-up serious games

Who can resist a well-crafted serious game that teaches important skills and builds confidence? These match-up games give sales reps the opportunity to connect customers with the perfect product or service. Each round contains a brief description of the customer’s buying behavior, history and weaknesses. Then employees and partners determine which product fits best based on their product knowledge and consumer history. You can also use this approach for other sales-related tasks, such as: B. Matching products with the right features or selling points.

Checklists for micro-guidelines

These micro-learning checklists contain a handful of steps or rules that employees must follow. For example, a dress code checklist so employees know what clothing is appropriate before going to a customer meeting. Or maybe one that highlights your store’s return policy for each item type and what sales reps should do if customers try to exchange items past the deadline. Another great use for checklists are daily reminders, such as setting up your sales workstations on a daily basis or helpful hints to prepare for remote sales calls.

SME live events

Invite your resident subject matter experts to host a live event to share their insights and advice. Managers and seasoned representatives are ideal candidates, especially if they have niche skills that your team needs to develop. For example, your field service team leader for the North American division has achieved his goals for five years in a row. They are in a unique position to offer inside secrets and techniques to help the rest of the team achieve their goals. You can also invite industry experts if your budget has room for their hosting fees, or even offer marketing opportunities in exchange for their time.


Achieving monthly or quarterly goals takes more than just one-off courses or onboarding events. Your salespeople need ongoing support to build their self-esteem and bring their A-game to the table every day, regardless of their experience or skills. Adobe Captivate Prime gives you the power to train your teams and give them the confidence they need to drive sales. It provides detailed reports and analysis, as well as social learning support, so you can take advantage of the power of big data and remote knowledge sharing.

Download the eBook to ensure your business grows with impactful sales and partner training to learn about the in and out of sale online training and discover industry secrets. It’s a must have for businesses of all sizes, especially those looking for cost-effective ways to improve job performance.

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