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Horror Ending in Afghanistan with Kabul surrounded by Taliban

  • Tt is over. The negotiations came to a logical conclusion. With the existing setup, a bloodless change of power takes place.
  • From second to second more news or horror and chaos are coming from Afghanistan.
  • Will Turkey protect and control the airport from? Acceptas the Turkish government says or leave it to the Taliban ??

The Taliban and the Afghan government are holding talks about a “peaceful change of power,” news agencies report

eTurboNews publishes a summary of the news and social media posts over the past 30 minutes. The contributions are not processed and paint a bleak picture of what is currently going on in Afghanistan.

Kabul, with the rest of Afghanistan, is expected to fall later on Sunday, August 15, 2021

With the US and NATO moving away from Afghanistan, the Taliban army can easily take over all of Afghanistan. Where is the UN? Do they exist?

What I’ve seen in several places in the city of Kabul: Much of the panic is caused by people in armored vehicles losing their shit, driving too fast, and even bodyguards shooting at roundabouts to clear traffic jams. No evidence of Taliban within the city at this time. The Taliban have announced that they will not enter the country.

“We don’t count because we’re from Afghanistan. We will slowly die in history. ”Tears from a hopeless Afghan girl whose future is being destroyed by the advance of the Taliban in the country. My heart breaks for the women of Afghanistan. The world has let them down. History will write this.

A total of 5,000 US troops are being sent to hotspots, some of which have already been to Kuwait and are stationed at other withdrawal points and are being sent back for defense Accept Etc.

China is ready to recognize the Taliban as the government of Afghanistan.

Taliban in Accept have rejected reports of media reports that Mullah Baradar Akhund will take power Accept.

Let’s hope that Kabul Airport will reopen soon. Kabul is a brutal airport to land and take off (hot, high, mountainous), planes will be hard to arrive as refueling is not guaranteed, ATC will be overworked and stressed because of the extra flights. The safety margin is very small.

Latest news Accept has encircled U.S. chinooks evacuating as we speak.

US taxpayers probably left BILLION trillions in because of the war. fall Afghanistan just so it would be over in a few months after we troops left.

#Kabul is finally back to its true owners. Allah is Al-Haq

The only challenge the Taliban will face will be to discipline their lowest tier when they come to power. The Taliban have shown this a few times, but in peaceful times this discipline would have many dynamics – not just pull the trigger or not pull the trigger.

The people who rightly deserve to rule take back what is theirs. USA, INDIA, ISRAEL your case is close too!

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is reportedly ready to flee Afghanistan۔

Taliban fighters go “door to door” to arrest young girls as “sex slaves” for fighters of the terrorist group, according to reports.

Impressive! Tom Tugenhadt claims the UK has asked our Western allies and the EU for additional assistance Afghanistan After Biden’s cynical withdrawal, no one appeared: Where are the headlines !!!!

The message from the Ethiopians is simple: we as a nation were not born yesterday. We don’t want any more Libya, or Yemen. being Afghanistan. Humanitarian intervention is far from what you claim.

An inside source suggests Taliban leaders are attempting to kidnap women and forcibly marry after local leaders in Afghanistan were asked last month to provide a list of 12- to 45-year-olds.

#Taliban can do without aggression at this crucial moment, more flexibility is to be expected if they need international legitimacy for a sustainable new government formation.

Afghanistan: Taliban invade the outskirts of. on Accept – how the Afghan government promises a peaceful change of power | World news | Sky news

It’s nice to know how Accept falls, our embassy is on fire and helicopters are needed to evacuate our people.

Air India lands in Kabul to evacuate Indian citizens. Will they make it?

President Ghani is due to resign today. Mulla Abdul Ghani Baradar, Taliban leader and former foreign minister of the Islamic Emirates, takes over the office of interim president of #Afganistan in the presidential palace #Kabul.

Some sources say the Taliban will not attack Kabul as the change of government is underway. #Afghanistanburn

An Air India A320. Now descend to #Kabul

A few days ago the United States forecast a decline of Accept in 90 days. This Rangeela Ghani army could not withstand even 90 hours.

Afghan government, big mouths, but zero courage and dignity. instead of fighting for their homeland, they run for asylum. The reality is that it was never their homeland, that the government was created by the US, it was not a real Afghan government.

Taliban fighters have invaded the outskirts of the Afghan capital, Kabul, after taking the city of Jalalabad without a fight, officials say.

America, if not Pakistan and China, will be the first to accept the Taliban government. The male-dominated society played an important role in enabling the Taliban to recapture Afghanistan without a fight. Never believe what they say and how they act. His Shariya in Accept now!

Taliban one step away to conquer Afghanistan

RIP Afghan military !! May God save the innocent citizen

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