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Secrets to Engaging Learners in the Remote Workplace

It is a challenge for L&D professionals to connect with distant learners and keep them engaged throughout the learning journey. This newly discovered learning environment shows that trainers need to work “differently” in order to maintain learner engagement. However, virtual learning involves a different training paradigm in which learners are fully immersed in the learning compared to other forms of training. So it is now even more important to provide remote learners with full virtual learning experiences.

Given that this nontraditional learning environment requires an equally “nontraditional” approach to training, L&D teams must seek to offer more comprehensive virtual learning experiences.

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This is how you involve your learners through immersive learning strategies at the remote workplace

Learn how to improve knowledge retention and fully engage your remote workforce through comprehensive online training.

Tap the power of immersion

Immersive approaches to learning not only help you engage your remote learners, but they also create learning experiences that are sticky and ensure that overarching goals like applying the learning or changes in thinking or behavior are achieved.

While there are different options for delivering immersive learning experiences, in this eBook I will show you how 4 techniques – Gamification, Microlearning, Video Based Learning, and Scenario Based Learning – can be used.

In This eBook: Elevating Remote Learning Programs – How To Engage Your Learners In The Remote Workspace Through Immersive Learning Strategies …

  1. First, I’ll outline how you can use immersive learning techniques to balance the challenges of learner engagement in virtual training as well as the benefits of immersive virtual learning.
  2. I then explain how gamification-based techniques can be applied to all of the company’s training needs to drive employee performance and active learning. I also describe how game-based learning can increase student engagement and motivation, and list effective approaches to playing your VILT programs.
  3. Next, I’d like to highlight some strategies you can use to turn your recorded VILT sessions into engaging microlearning modules, and how you can even out the forgetting curve and improve learning with microlearning.
  4. I will outline how 6 powerful online training video strategies can help you increase learner engagement and introduce amazing eLearning video strategies to excite your digital learners.
  5. I’ll summarize how scenario-based learning can help you bring real-world experience to online training.

Learn more about the eBook: Enhancing Remote Learning Programs – How to Engage Your Learners in the Remote Workspace through Immersive Learning Strategies

I’ve broken my eBook, Elevating Remote Learning Programs – How to Engage Your Learners Through Immersive Learning Strategies in the Remote Workplace, into 5 sections, as shown here:

Section 1 – Engaging remote learners through immersive learning strategies

Delivering immersive virtual learning experiences to remote learners continues to be a major challenge for L&D teams.

This section describes how you can use immersive learning techniques to overcome the challenges of learner engagement for virtual training. It also defines immersive learning in the context of virtual training and the benefits that immersive virtual learning offers to engage your remote learners.

Section 2 – Gamification

Gamification appeals to learners because it makes learning enjoyable and offers rewards and recognition that we all love! For the L&D teams, the alternative “Gamification for Serious Learning” leads to the required ROI, as the focus is on the provision of precise learning outcomes.

This section describes how gamified learning approaches can increase learner engagement and employee performance, as well as tips and strategies that can be used to further improve the impact of gamified learning.

It also highlights the importance of active learning in the workplace and approaches to encouraging it through gamification.

This section explains the benefits of game-based learning and how it can increase student engagement and motivation.

It provides the benefits of using VILT programs to play and lists effective approaches to playing your VILT programs to encourage remote learner engagement.

Section 3 – Microlearning

Microlearning has been a popular training approach in the recent past and has become the focus of distance learning and virtual training.

This section introduces some strategies and options as well as best practices for converting your existing VILT sessions into microlearning modules.

It also explains the effects of the forgetting curve and how you can offset it and improve learning with microlearning.

Section 4 – Video Based Learning

With the adoption of microlearning accelerating and development costs lower, video usage will continue its upward trend in 2021.

This section focuses on the challenges of existing business training videos and lists strategies that can drive engagement and engagement of your business training videos.

It even includes 5 proven tips for using transformation strategies that turn “ordinary” eLearning video content into extremely engaging and addicting eLearning resources for digital learners.

You will also discover different video formats that you should use to speed up the impact of eLearning videos.

Section 5 – Scenario Based Learning

Scenario-based learning, a comprehensive learning strategy, can be applied to corporate training – especially compliance, soft skills, professional skills, product and sales training. It encourages learning in a safe environment and helps learners understand the implications of their decisions and learn from their oversights.

This section also lists 6 ways you can use scenario-based learning Bring real experience into the online training.


Download My eBook, Elevating Remote Learning Programs – How To Engage Your Learners In The Remote Workspace Through Immersive Learning Strategies And Enjoy Reading!

Last but not least, if you need assistance using immersive learning strategies to motivate your learners in a remote workplace, get in touch.

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