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Guam launches Cell Entry to Digital Declaration Type

Guam is a US territory 7 hours by plane from Hawaii and has its own customs regulations.
Guam announced today that it will be the first travel destination in the world to adopt electronic customs declaration technology.

  1. The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB), in collaboration with the Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency (CQA) and the Guam International Airport Authority (GIAA), officially launched the website for the Guam Electronic Declaration Form (EDF).
  2. This is the second and final phase of EDF implementation, which was officially launched in early March 2021. In the first phase of the program, passengers on certain flights completed the EDF at designated kiosks in the baggage claim area of ​​the airport.
  3. Guam is one of the first travel destinations in the world to implement this type of technology.

“Guam is one of the first destinations in the world to implement this type of technology. Few countries like Bali currently offer this handy digital form for travelers. We would like to thank Governor Lou Leon Guerrero for her continued support. She provided the resources to update our customs declaration forms and catapult the development of our tourism industry in this pandemic, ”said GVB President and CEO Carl TC Gutierrez. “Si Yu’os Ma’åse ‘to Ike Peredo and CQA and John Quinata and GIAA for their joint efforts to make our island more efficient.”

“After months of planning and testing, we are excited to move forward with the official introduction of mobile connectivity for the EDF,” said Ike Q. Peredo, director of CQA.

With the mobile start, all arriving passengers on Guam can complete the EDF on their PCs or mobile devices up to 72 hours before their arrival in Guam.

“For Tan Maria or Tun Jose, this also means that this technology makes it easier for their families to fill out their forms in advance. You no longer have to worry about filling it out while on the plane, ”Gutierrez said.

The mobile connection marks the final phase of the implementation of the EDF, which will allow worldwide access to the mandatory Guam declaration form. GVB encourages all travelers to use the three-day authorization window before boarding for a completely contactless entry process with CQA.

“We originally planned a controlled roll-out of the EDF to ensure the integrity of the system and protect passenger information throughout the process,” said Nico Fujikawa, GVB Director of Tourism Research. “The EDF is the long-term, non-contact solution that Guam will make available to all local travelers and visitors in the future.”

The EDF is now available online at or Designated EDF kiosks in the baggage claim area of ​​Guam Airport will also be accessible.

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