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Greatest Romantic Spa Getaways and Sea Trip Tendencies

When planning your next trip with your loved one, knowing what’s hot and well-fit for you — from earthing mud baths to a personal genomic-test-based health sanctuary program — will assure your spa getaway is among one of the best-shared experiences with your partner. See the best romantic spa getaways trending now, and read about the most popular destinations for romantic sea vacation on a budget and off the beaten path.

Note: Make sure to double-check COVID 19 precautions, protocols, and operating hours before you visit any of these sites.

Best Trendy Spa Sanctuary Ideas to Cure You in Style

While yoga retreats, eco-hotels, and spas with various natural treatments are becoming a staple among spa offers, the spa resorts today are drifting towards even more stress-relieving spa services, including mindfulness massage, and facials incorporating breathing and visualization techniques. Connecting to Earth and nature with natural minerals, barefoot treatments, while bringing the whole spa experience outdoors is also trendy and will bring couples treatments to a whole new level.

Mindfulness Massage

Mindfulness massages, making every spa session a meditation, are a great way to alleviate stress together with your loved one. Full-body massages are blended with calming and intuitive, aromatherapy and therapeutic massage, so you can focus on your breath while engaging the parasympathetic nervous system to produce calming hormone oxytocin and mood elevators, endorphins.

Mindfulness facial offers are springing up all around the world. Some of the most experienced and well-established spas and general retreats are in Asia where mindfulness has been honed throughout millennia, like the yoga, detox, massage, and meditation retreat in Dharamshala (India), a destination in northern India surrounded by cedar forests on the edge of the Himalayas.

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Earthing Spa Retreat for Couples

Getting connected to Earth might be your next wellness-enhancing spa experience. Sensing every pebble on the ground as only you two walk the soft forest pathways, occasionally stepping off to feel the moist moss, and returning to a treehouse raw wilderness spa for a mud bath, or Natura Bissé facial treatment will reconnect you with nature.

Another benefit? Studies have shown the earthing and grounding body treatments aid inflammation, pain, and more. And by going on one of the romantic spa getaways, you might bond with your partner through the experience of pure sensations together. Some of the best romance spa trip stay ideas for couples include Chewton Glen resort in Hampshire, UK, which welcomes their guests to spend their holiday in a treehouse spa and give treatments on the terrace of your room. In the free time, you can take a short walk to the beach of Solent.

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Wellness Resort Spa-genomics

For those couples who want to get the most out of both worlds, romance and wellness, taking a medical genomics test before signing up for a spa program is as easy as it has never been, as wellness resort hotels are offering more and more treatments based on exerting medical testing. With a grand message to repair your DNA, these personalized wellness spa programs are grounded in each person’s unique genetic profile examined with telomere testing for tackling aging or disease. Some of the most romantic spa-genomics getaways include the Three forks Ranch in Colorado with treatment offers ranging from lymphatic drainage massage, and activities of nature sanctuary tours (you can see elks, squirrels and other wild animals), and horseback riding options, and Red Mountain Resort in Utah.

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Authentic Ayurveda and Ancient Revival Treatments

Booking a romantic couple’s getaway to ancient holistic body healing systems treatments is a great way to experience centuries-old tried-and-true methods that focus on your physical body. Treating your body – your primary place of living — with care through balancing the vata, pitta, and kapha (body, mind and consciousness ), the three primary facets of energies. Retreats offering panchakarma cleansing programs with vegetarian or vegan meals, strengthening the body by practicing powerful yoga asanas, correcting breathing through pranayama, and connecting with nature whilst on your trip. Some of the best authentic Ayurveda getaways include Ananda retreat at the Himalayan foothills in Northern India, and enchanting landscapes, and the petite Alpino Atlantico on Madeira island of Portugal.

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Romantic Outdoor Spa Getaways

Romantic spa outdoor getaways can range from thermal spa resorts with hot springs in Pamukkale in Turkey, or the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, Mammoth Lakes in California, to the Tuscany and Campania regions in Italy. Apart from lounging in natural hot springs, hot tubs, and pools, you can hike in mountains, be it the Sierra Nevada or Landmannalaugar. In case you’re planning a honeymoon outdoors, it is a good idea to look through outdoors romantic getaways for couples in advance, as these romantic destinations are sought-after. Romantic spa with healing waters and romance in the Old World is paradise as if created for couples to unwind and celebrate being in love. At the end of the day, it was Positano created out of love for a nymph by Neptune, the God of the sea. When by the Mediterranean, expect the great farm to table restaurant food and paradise for lovers!

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romantic spa getaways ideas and trends

Best Romantic Spas on Budget

Maya Tulum Spa, Tulum | Mexico

Maya Tulum Retreat seaside spa with some of the best ocean views in close vicinity of the Playa Paraiso, or Paradise Beach, is a surprisingly budget-friendly spa on s secluded beach. Offering yoga retreats but specializing in Mayan ancient healing treatments, such as xunan kaab, locally produced virgin honey massages, seaweed wraps, and body and soul-cleansing indigenous temazcal ceremonies in clay steam domes, the resort will surprise you with unheard-of beauty rituals and educate you on the ancient American civilization culture.

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New Life Hiking Spa, Vermont | United States of America

Unlike the usual couple spa package offers to focus on place-based relaxation spa package deals featuring couples massage, steam room, and hot tub among other spa experiences to de-stress and revitalize your body with rituals from millennia ago or employing the latest biology discoveries, the New Life Hiking Spa transforms the idea of a spa as a relaxation lounge into an activity-based wellness retreat with hiking in the Green Mountains of Vermont, focusing on de-stressing through motion.

Explore hotels and vacation rentals in Vermont, USA

Szechenyi Thermal Bath Spa | Hungary

If you seek an Old World spa with natural spring water drink therapy, balneotherapy, and various medical treatments available, then Szechenyi Baths are some of the most budget-friendly options in Europe. Being one of the best and largest baths in Europe with a large outdoor pool, the offering is wide to both fun-seeking couples and health-oriented visitors. Couples can visit different saunas and steam rooms, join free gymnastics classes, or play chess while plunging in the warm outdoor pool.

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romantic spa getaways ideas and trends

Best Luxury Spa Breaks & Sea Vacation Destinations 

Luxury spa getaway destinations allow you to experience some of the most relaxing stays and take your mind off of daily stress in a distinguished style, but so, too, can a sea vacation by the sea. The once-grand Roman bathing rituals fell with the empire, but the nineteenth-century spa towns in Europe, close to freshwater springs or mineral springs, as Baden-Baden, Karlsbad, Vichy, and Bath, are still offering high-quality and culturally-intense romantic getaways.

Thermae Bath Spa, England | United Kingdom

According to legend, Prince Bladud, treated leprosy in the hot muddy waters where he later in 863BC found the City of Bath in gratitude for the treatment. During Roman times, Aquae Sulis baths were amongst the largest (and possibly the largest) outside Rome, but fast forward today, Thermae Bath Spa is the only natural thermal spa in England, offering romantic couples packages, as Twilight for Two. 

Explore hotels and vacation rentals in Bath, UK

Spa Botánico | Puerto Rico

Spa Botanico is one of the distinguished spas focusing on supreme natural senses and experiences. The five-acre property located on Dorado Beach in Ritz-Carlon reserve, Puerto Rico, features a lush garden with a specialised herb garden used in your treatment. Spa treatments take place in a luxurious treehouse, but pools, waterfall showers, and steam showers, along with steam pavillions hide under palm fronds. The spa offers treatments from around the world, as Swedish rhythmic kneading massage, hammock massage or Thai massages, or local apothecary rituals in assistance of manosanta, a traditional Puerto Rican healer with custom-blend botanical massage oils.

Explore hotels and vacation rentals in Puerto Rico, USA

Vichy | France

Just as Napa Valley in Southern California, France offers a warm climate, great wine, and – unlike California — a long history of spa culture in Vichy, a historic French spa town located three hours from Paris. The mineral spring (from which the bottled Vichy water comes) is the only volcanic hot spring in France (Auvergne volcano). Vichy has one of the largest spas in Europe, Vichy Célestins Spa Hôtel, and spa tourism is booming in the summers. The spa hall in the very heart of the city has tea parties with live music and a dancefloor, making it one of the best romantic spa getaways. For other activities, an 18-hole golf course is available at the early twentieth-century Sporting club de Vichy. While in Vichy, you can take a three-hour train ride to Paris.

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Best Budget Beach Vacation Destinations for Couples

Lamu Island | Kenya

Lamu Island in Kenya is one of the most secluded, paradisaic yet budget-friendly romantic spa getaways. The island is reachable by boat from the Kenyan coast, and the entire town is practically a beach. There, you can relax, swing in a hammock, and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere while exploring Kenya’s old Arabic fishing tradition. It looks exactly as it’s portrayed postcards — airy, tropical, and charmingly old-fashioned. No cars are allowed on Lamu, allowing for a true escape from day-to-day stress.

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Ddiu | India

Ghoghla, one of the cleanest golden sand beaches in India, is situated on the West Coast of India. Coming here offers splendid views, with cathedrals and fortresses, built during the time it was the colony of Portugal, with reminders of numerous crumbling Portuguese villas and churches. While there, you can also explore Naida caves, featuring a big network of tunnels with square-hewn steps.

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Cape May, New Jersey | United States of America

Cape May in New Jersey has some of the most affordable romantic spas in the United States. Inn spa of Cape May and other historic hotels and spas here offer good value stay options, restaurant services, thus making it a great getaway not only for a romantic trip but also for a family vacation. Being one of the best beaches on the East Coast, this resort town welcomes guests from across the country with a variety of spa resort packages offered.

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romantic spa getaways sea vacation

Best Off-Beat Hidden Wild Beaches for Wellness Getaways

If you aim to escape the crowds and simply tune in with your partner alone, away from the tourist buzz and spa hotel staff, great weekend getaways and holiday stay options include self-planned wellness getaways into the wilderness and well-hidden from the typical tourist route.

Sark Island | UK

A stay in Sark Island, or the Isle of Sark, can prove one of the most relaxing getaways – the small island, and the last feudal state of Europe with secluded beaches, underwater caves which you can explore on a canoe, and the wide-ranging tidal heights can prove both intriguing and scary. With no motorized vehicles, street lighting allowed, it feels like going back in time — you can spend a night under the starry skies after jumping the rocks at Dixcart Bay and bathing in the English Channel.

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If you seek a budget-friendly spa getaway with wild beaches and mountainous ranges with hiking trails nearby, then Montenegro might be a well-suited choice. Located in the Balkans, Southern Europe, the tourist-oriented beaches in Montenegro are covered with imported sand and pebbles, but if you are willing to sunbathe on rocks and stones in exchange for a more secluded and relaxing holiday experience, the wild Montenegro beaches with Sparkling waters and sublime views of the Bay of Kotor might be just your perfect romantic getaway.

Explore hotels and vacation rentals in Montenegro

Assateague Island, Maryland | United States of America

One of the least known weekend getaways in the United States is Assateague Island. This secluded nature sanctuary homing many wild horses that are free to roam the land features several top-notch spas. Going to the Wild Beach is a bit of a trek, but it only adds to the experience. You can also visit the nearby Chincoteague Island, which is known for its wildlife, dunes, and forests.

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