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First IMEX BuzzHub Buzz Day presents stellar line-up

IMEX presents a stellar line of global community builders at its first ever Buzz Day event with CEOs from Daybreaker and Count Me In, along with marketing and event experts from LinkedIn.

  1. The IMEX BuzzHub starts on the first day with experts on Wednesday, May 12, 2021.
  2. Find out how a high school project turned into a global social incubator affecting more than 10 million people around the world.
  3. Here from LinkedIn Executive on the general impact of the pandemic on business planning.

The first event, held on Wednesday May 12th at the new IMEX BuzzHub, will bring together an exceptional array of speakers and panelists, all of whom are experts in building global communities.

The Buzz Day program, open to everyone and free of charge, opens with a brief introduction and welcome from IMEX Chairman, Ray Bloom and CEO. Carina Bauer. Shortly thereafter, Shane Feldman, Founder of Count Me In, will report in “Leadership Passport: Building a Community Beyond Competition and the Impact on Scale,” how an idea that began as a high school project in 2008 became a global social entrepreneurship incubator that has impacted more than 10 million people in 104 countries.

Shane Feldman, founder of COUNT ME IN

Shane Feldman

Feldman has led the world’s largest millennia-led movement, deciphering frameworks that allow individuals and teams to connect more authentically and work at the highest level. Feldman will share the universal strategies that teams click and companies thrive using his research on community leadership and human behavior in over 25 countries.

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