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Evacuation Airplane Hijacked in Kabul disappeared to Iran

  • A Ukrainian plane that arrived in Afghanistan on Sunday to evacuate Ukrainians was hijacked by an unidentified group of people who flew the Ukrainian plane into Iran.
  • The Ukrainian Foreign Minister told Ukrainian media: “Last Sunday our plane was hijacked by other people.
  • The plane was stolen and instead of flying Ukrainians, our next three evacuation attempts were unsuccessful because Ukrainian people could not enter the airport.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, the kidnappers were armed.
Other evacuation flights took off without any problems.

However, the deputy minister did not report anything about what happened to the plane or whether Ukraine will try to get it back.

No information was released on how to evacuate Ukrainian citizens from Kabul on board this “practically stolen” plane or any other plane that could send Kyviv

The minister only stressed that the Ukrainian diplomatic services, headed by Foreign Minister Dmitri Kuleba, had “worked in crash test mode” all week.

A military transport plane with 83 people on board, including 31 Ukrainians, arrived in Kiev from Afghanistan on Sunday.

The Presidential Office reported that 12 Ukrainian military personnel had returned home, while foreign reporters and public figures seeking help were also evacuated.

The office added that around 100 Ukrainians are still expecting an evacuation in Afghanistan.

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