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Eswatini Talks Agreed by all

Dozens of people killed, shops and government buildings destroyed, police and citizens feared for life. Everyone now agrees that the solution is to talk.

  1. With the internet shut down, only third-party information from the Kingdom of Eswatini penetrates. A normally peaceful country faces a violent and murderous mob, and it can be foreign insurgents.
  2. A group of frustrated citizens, the incumbent Prime Minister and the international community are pushing for dialogue between all parties and the de-escalation of violence and criminal activities such as company destruction, looting and murder.
  3. The king’s daughter confirmed in an interview with the BBC on Focus Africa that she thought the king was ready to listen.

There seems to be a legitimate and peaceful movement of protesters wanting a change in Eswatini. In the midst of these protesters are criminals who want to steal, kill and destroy. Police officers who also fear for their lives try to de-escalate. To make matters worse, foreign policy interests that are supposed to favor a conflict can act in the background.

Foreign insurgents appear to have been active in Eswatini since the beginning of this conflict, according to senior government officials and a senior member of an African tourism organization eTurboNews. Some of these foreign insurgents blocked roads, wore police uniforms, and murdered citizens to blame the police. An eTurboNews employee who fled Eswatini earlier this week witnessed such terrible activity when he had to take back roads to reach the Eswatini-South Africa border.

According to an eTurboNews report, a driving force in this conflict appears to be related to Eswatini’s loyalty and the kingdom’s maintenance of diplomatic ties with the Republic of China known as Taiwan. It has annoyed the People’s Republic of China for years. Eswatini is the only African country with a Taiwanese embassy.

The US embassy was prominently seen to support activities with Taiwan and Eswatini.

BBC Focus Africa Interview with the King’s Daughter

While legitimate peaceful protests should be allowed, the situation escalated and became a life and death reality for all, the protesters, the government and the rest of the Eswatini people.

eTurboNews heard from an Eswatini police officer. Every minute she feared for her life and that of her family. According to news reports, Eswatini citizens equally fear the police. Time to talk

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