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Enhancing The Onboarding Expertise With Microlearning

Enhance the onboarding experience with microlearning

Microlearning is a powerful learning strategy entirely suitable for modern learners, providing them with short, focused just-in-time learning. Microlearning is not only used in the actual L&D, but is also an excellent tool to attract new employees. However, to do this, you need to properly implement micro-learning, incorporating the appropriate modern strategies and content formats. But don’t worry, we’ll explain how microlearning can help you bring new employees into your company and how it improves the experience.

What to Include in Your Microlearning Onboarding Program

When implementing microlearning for new hire, use the following strategies to ensure greater onboarding efficiency and success.

1. Simulations

Many things need to be explained to new hires before they even start work, but these things are better explained in the field (ie in the office where the employee will be working). However, this requires unnecessary time and resources. An easier and better way is to use micro-learning simulations that allow employees to role-play with the help of a character to understand what their ordinary day will be like.

How will they improve the onboarding experience?

Simulations have been shown to improve the learning curve of new employees and help them understand more of their education in less time. They also learn skills better by applying them in a virtual world such as a simulation.

2. Infographics

There is no better way to present data visually than infographics, which is why it has survived in the age of video-based learning. Infographics are an amazing micro-learning content format and can be used to quickly explain the company’s processes to learners.

How will they improve the onboarding experience?

Infographics make it easy for learners to understand data like numbers, statistics, trends, outliers, and patterns, and also serve as a quick reference for new hires who are still figuring out the company’s processes.

3. Videos

Videos are a great onboarding tool. By creating microlearning videos for onboarding, you can help them understand and actually see a lot about your business. Microlearning videos can be used to introduce new employees to the organization, its buildings, offices and workspaces, its stakeholders and other key people in the organization. Not to mention, video is a great content format for step-by-step explaining how to perform tasks or for demonstrating how to apply a skill.

How will they improve the onboarding experience?

Videos provide just-in-time and on-demand learning that allows learners to learn whenever and wherever they want. Videos can also be used for quick reference before applying a skill or to strengthen skills and knowledge. They are ideal for performance support for new hires.

4. Interactive PDFs

There is certain information that requires text to be explained. However, a simple, boring text will not please modern learners. Interactive PDFs, as the name suggests, are full of interactivity, images, page transitions, buttons, navigation, hyperlinks, animations, and other media to make reading a little more engaging. This ensures that learners are not distracted and pay attention to the text. Interactive PDFs are similar to PowerPoint presentations, but they are more visually appealing and engaging.

How will they improve the onboarding experience?

Your new employees are likely to read loads of text-heavy documents that bring out the lively daylight out of them. Surprise them by delivering content in interactive PDFs that are engaging and explain lengthy content with less, but more relevant text and interactions. It’s a very useful micro-learning format.


Use the microlearning strategies and formats mentioned above to incorporate your new hires and you will see that they love learning this way. Their onboarding paves the way for them to use microlearning to continue learning and develop their skills and knowledge to become more productive employees in the company. Make the most of your company’s time and resources and implement microlearning in your onboarding program to quickly get new employees on the right track.


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