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ECCO exhibition a novel vacationer attract Rome

ECCO is an exhibition and a unique tourist attraction in Italy that presents the fellows of the French Academy in Rome in the Villa Medici in the Villa Borghese on the Pincio.

  1. The exhibition takes the form of an enthusiastic exclamation that reproduces and extends a year’s work at the Villa Medici.
  2. The exhibition will be presented by Laura Cherubini from June 18 to August 8, 2021 and brings together the achievements of 16 artists, creators and researchers.
  3. The one-year residence of creation, experimentation and research culminates in the event in the Villa Medici.

ECCO is strongly multidisciplinary and emphasizes the connection between individual creations and collective projects and weaves unexpected connections between the represented disciplines, from painting to sculpture to photography, architecture, sound production, art history and theory, music composition, visual and literature.

The uniqueness of this edition 2021 lies in the fruitful encounter between 16 personalities and just as many artistic languages, which led to a joint editorial project that has developed over the entire year of stay and today forms the key to access to the exhibition.

ECCO exhibition a unique tourist magnet in Rome

This choir project, conceived by the scholarship holders in autumn 2020, takes the form of a monthly online magazine ( that welcomes contributions in a wide variety of forms: videos, texts, soundtracks, photographs and drawings. Conceived freely and experimentally, they develop the magazine in 7 issues, each with a term on the topic that evokes a sound and / or a shape as a pretext for reflection.

The annual financial statement exhibition is part of this cooperation, with which the scholarship holders have created a “provisional community”, as curator Laura Cherubini put it. The spatial staging of the individual projects – partly in response to the magazine, partly independently designed – shows further aspects of contemporary work.

ECCO exhibition a unique tourist magnet in Rome
ECCO exhibition a unique tourist magnet in Rome

The ECCO exhibition is accompanied by an artist book that brings together a selection of works by fellows from the French Academy in Rome. The book will be available in the Villa Medici.

The Académie de France à Rome, founded by Colbert in 1666, was created to welcome the winners of the Prix de Rome and the artists protected by the great French nobles who were able to train in contact with Rome and Italy.

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