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Distant Onboarding Information: Welcome Your New Hires

This is how you warmly welcome your new employees from afar

Remote workers often feel isolated from the group, even if they have been with the company for years and have established fruitful relationships with colleagues. Imagine how your new hires must feel during the onboarding process. This remote onboarding guide can help calm new hires down and make them feel like they are part of your business community from the start.

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Remote Onboarding Guide: How to greet your new employees remotely

Support your remote recruits and prepare them for any challenge that comes their way!

The importance of new hire training for teleworking teams

The last thing you want is for remote workers to feel “out of sight, out of mind”. A solid onboarding plan provides them with ongoing skill building support and resources to shorten the learning curve. They may be scattered across the globe, but your L&D program brings them together and gives everyone a virtual space to address personal pain points. You can also count on remote workers to broaden their experiences and provide feedback.

Via this remote onboarding guide

How do you connect with remote recruits and get rid of the nervousness on day one? Is there a way to streamline your onboarding process and identify areas for improvement on a tight budget and timeframe? This ultimate guide will answer all of your remote onboarding questions so you can perfect your plan of action. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find inside:

  • Why you should involve (remote) employees
  • The challenges of onboarding remote workers
  • Getting started with remote onboarding: Before the first day of your new hire
  • Remote onboarding day 1: Greet your new employee
  • After Day 1: Create your 30-60-90 remote onboarding plan
  • Assess your remote onboarding process
  • Useful checklists for remote onboarding


Download the e-book Remote Onboarding Guide: How To Welcome Your New Hires Even From Afar. It even comes with a handy onboarding checklist that will help you lay out all of the essential elements for long-term success.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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