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Digital Inexperienced Certificates Anticipated to Restart Tourism

While it appears that the COVID-19 pandemic is somewhat under control in Europe, there is still no date for the end of the global health crisis. However, the economy continues to develop and after a year of stagnation due to closures and restrictions, the tourism industry is beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel – through the Digital Green Certificate.

The “Digital Green Certificate”, a kind of free and universal health passport, is being developed in the European Union and is expected to be fully implemented by June. According to the EU authorities, it will only be available to EU member states in the first phase of its implementationHowever, it is expected to extend to countries outside the Schengen area.

Does the certificate correspond to a vaccination certificate?

According to the authorities, it is only a certificate and not a “Covid pass”. The name is important to avoid discrimination between those who wear it and those who do not.

This decision came after the US Biden government decided not to have a vaccination record or any other federal document guaranteeing that those who have it were vaccinated. However, private companies wishing to offer vaccine certificates to facilitate mass events and gatherings are allowed to do so.

What is the purpose?

The Digital Green Certificate is a document that does not grant or deny any rights. This only makes it easier to travel within the European Union and, in the case of Spain, allows tourists and travelers to be accommodated in compliance with security measures. In contrast to the USA, the Digital Green Certificate developed by the EU is not intended for participation in events and other large gatherings.

This means that the use of this document is limited to facilitate international travel. However, there is no reason to refuse entry to travelers from EU countries. The period of validity also depends on the duration of the health emergency.

What information does it contain?

The Digital Green Certificate includes:

  • Full name, date of birth, ID number and date of issue.
  • That the person was vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • That the person has recovered from the disease and has (or has not) produced antibodies.
  • That the person tested negative for the disease. This includes RT-PCR tests, rapid tests and antigen tests.

If you are concerned about data confidentiality, this is not the place to be. None of the information contained in the Digital Green Certificate is stored by a competent authority of a European country. They are managed solely to confirm the identity and health of the person who owns the document.


FAQs about the Digital Green Certificate

Digital Green Certificates can be issued physically or digitally. Both forms contain a QR code with all the information contained in the document, a unique identifier and a digital signature that guarantees authenticity.

How much does it cost?

The document is completely free and is issued in the official language of the state granting it, with English being the common language.

Which countries can people travel to with the certificate?

The certificate initially enables travel to all member states of the European Union as well as to Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The document is issued to citizens as well as their families and residents with legal status, regardless of their nationality or place of origin.

When will it take effect?

The aim is for the Digital Green Certificate to be available before the beginning of summer. The resolution has already been adopted by the European Parliament. The relevant authorities work in concert with the Digital Health Network to ensure that its implementation is correct and effective.

Is it compulsory?

No, the Digital Green Certificate is intended to give people permission to travel within the Schengen area Entry into a country is never required, nor can it be used as an excuse to discriminate against those who have not yet received the vaccine.

There is no doubt that the entire travel industry is waiting with great anticipation for the Digital Green Certificate. If the certificate fails as planned, it could spell renewed growth for an industry that has lost millions of euros since last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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