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Cox’s Bazar vacationer hubs ordered shutdown amid COVID surge

The district administration of Cox’s Bazar has ordered the closure of all tourist attractions in the beach town amid a new wave of coronavirus infections across Bangladesh.

  1. In February, tourists flocked to Cox’s Bazar beaches, attracted by the low COVID-19 numbers.
  2. Since that time, there has been a surge in coronavirus cases across the city of Bangladesh.
  3. A new policy has ordered that all tourist attractions at the tourist destination, including the beaches, should be closed by April 14th.

Cox’s Bazar Tourist Hubs are located in this city on the southeast coast of Bangladesh and are known as a tourism hub with a long sandy beach that stretches from Sea Beach in the north to Kolatoli Beach in the south.

Deputy Commissioner Md Mamunur Rashid announced the move to close all tourist attractions in Cox’s Bazar yesterday, Thursday April 1, 2021 at around 8.45 p.m. The deputy commissioner said the Ministry of Tourism sent an instruction to the district administration yesterday evening after the recurrence of coronavirus infections in the country.

The tourist attractions at Cox’s Bazar closed in mid-March last year after the first cases were discovered. The government ordered all agencies, including the tourist police, to take action in accordance with the policy.

The policy ordered the closure of all tourist attractions in Cox’s Bazar until April 14th. Initially, all hotels and motels were supposed to be closed, but Mamunur later confirmed that they will be able to keep guests at half capacity.

Tourists are banned from entering the beach as authorities are closing it and tourist companies such as jet ski rentals are banned, said Mohammad Mohiuddin Ahmed, an additional superintendent of the police.

Just last February, Cox’s Bazar welcomed around a million tourists on the third weekend of the month. More than 400 hotels and resorts have already been booked and all flight and bus tickets were sold out. Even all the tickets for the ships on the island of Saint Martin were sold.

In addition to the popular tourist attractions such as Laboni, Inani, Himchhori and others, various areas in the coastal district such as Saint Martin’s Island, Dulahazra Safari Park, Radiant Fish World and many others awaited a massive rush of tourists with significant traffic jams and price increases for the essentials.

This surge in tourist activity in the city of Bangladesh was due to the fact that at that time the number of daily COVID-19 cases and deaths was falling.


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