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Countdown to reopen Saudi Arabia for Tourism with circumstances

Saudi Arabia is working to reopen the kingdom. This leads to an increase in online searches for travel companies.

  1. Tour operators in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) prepare to resume international flights through Saudi Arabia.
  2. According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, the travel ban will be lifted on May 17 for certain groups and tourists.
  3. A major booking platform saw international flight searches increase by 52% and international hotel searches by 59% after the announcement.

Around 25% of travelers want to travel to Saudi Arabia within the 15 days of flights resuming, with search demand for that period increasing 80% since the date of the announcement.

Egypt topped the list of flight search destinations, followed by the Philippines, Morocco, Jordan and Turkey. We also saw new vacation destinations for flight searches such as Maldives, Tunisia, Ukraine, Greece, and Sri Lanka.

Saudi Arabia makes up a significant percentage of the Middle East’s tourism sector. The country weathered the pandemic very well and restored the confidence of travelers.

Those allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia include citizens who received two doses of coronavirus vaccine or who died 14 days after taking the first dose of the vaccine, as well as people who have recovered from coronavirus as they have less since then than have spent six months their infection is confirmed by the data displayed in the Tawakkalna app. In addition to citizens under the age of 18, provided that they can present a trip approved by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia prior to departure.

Travelers departing from Saudi Arabia are required to present a PCR test certificate from an accredited screening center in the UK. Upon returning to the country, travelers must be quarantined for seven days and a PCR test performed at the end of the week.

Resorts are leading the traveler search, with 58% growth, followed by apartments and hotels.

Around 68% of travelers looking for flights are solos, 20% families and 12% couples.

Saudi Arabia has introduced COVID-19 vaccination for its residents. It has one of the lowest new cases per capita in the MENA region.

Travelers feel more secure when airports and hotels restore confidence in travel. With strict precautionary and security measures that meet the high standards, we expect a steady recovery in the tourism sector.

Source: Wego

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