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Christmas In July: How To Rejoice This Vacation In 2021

While the idea of ​​celebrating Christmas in July may be a little out of the ordinary, this unofficial holiday is a thing in some countries around the world! From Australia to Canada, there are several destinations that get people in the middle of the year in the “Christmas spirit,” with a robust range of vacation activities including parties, tree decorations, Christmas movies, and even gift exchanges.

Would you like to learn more about this fun holiday and maybe celebrate it in 2021? Then read on to find out everything you need to know about Christmas in July – from how to get started to the best ideas on how to enjoy it.

What is Christmas in July: the story behind it and where it started

While the exact origins of Christmas in July are still unknown, it is believed that it all began on July 24, 1933 at a girls’ camp called Keystone Camp in Brevard, North Carolina. Their summer Christmas party included everything from Christmas trees to cotton artificial snow, and the tradition not only continued to this day, but spread all over the world.

Others say that long time ago one summer a group of visitors were stranded by a snow storm at the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone Park and decided to have an early Christmas instead of lamenting their situation.

So in the northern hemisphere, Christmas in July is a great excuse for people to celebrate this holiday out of season and for local commerce to get sales going.

Others believe there was a group of Irish tourists vacationing in Sydney’s Blue Mountains in July 1980. With the seasons reversed in the southern hemisphere from the northern hemisphere, with winter falling in June, July and August, these travelers were overjoyed at the sight of snow in Australia and won over the owner of a local hotel, a party called “Yulefest “To organize. The idea was a success and the owner saw it as a golden opportunity and decided to hold a Christmas party every July.

Since Christmas in the southern hemisphere is actually celebrated in summer, this unofficial holiday aims to give people the magical “Christmas feeling” during their winter time in July.

Countries that celebrate Christmas in July


A lively Christmas parade in Adelaide, South Australia.

Since Christmas in Australia falls in the middle of the summer months, Aussies associate this holiday with sunshine, fun times on the beach, barbecues and all kinds of outdoor activities. In fact, they can’t even imagine celebrating Christmas like on television: drinking hot mulled wine by the fireplace, marveling at snowflakes falling from the sky, and whirling around dizzyingly on ice rinks.

To mimic the magical atmosphere of Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere, some Aussies throw an extra Christmas party in the middle of the year. Activities that brighten up the winter months include leisurely meals in local restaurants that offer Christmas menus, parties in pubs and clubs, and decorating the house with twinkling lights.

Those craving the ultimate festive feel also take advantage of the opportunity to travel to the Australian ski resorts, from Thredbo, New South Wales, to Falls Creek, Victoria, to hit the slopes and enjoy a hot cup of eggnog, while they make themselves comfortable by the fireplace.

This year, multiple destinations in Australia – Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Parramatta – will be home to the quirky Winter Village, an alpine-inspired winter wonderland with an ice rink, private igloos and soothing food and drink that are just perfect for an off-season Christmas party .

South Africa

Fireworks in Cape Town (South Africa)

Even if Christmas in July is not that widespread in South Africa, there are still some exciting events and themed activities across the country, especially in Cape Town.

People looking for an excuse to celebrate this holiday in the off-season in South Africa usually throw a traditional Christmas with all the tasty ingredients or go to exciting annual winter festivals. One of the most popular is the Hogsback Xmas In July Winter Festival. The event takes place in the small mountain village of Hogsback in the central-southern part of the country and offers Christmas dinner, Christmas carols and handicraft markets in the midst of a beautiful mountain landscape.

United States

A Christmas tree surrounded by two palm trees

While Christmas in July in the Southern Hemisphere is a way to mimic the magical atmosphere of Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere, in countries like the United States and Canada, this unofficial holiday is more of an excuse to embrace the Christmas spirit and have some fun.

In the United States, Christmas in July was actually referred to as “the Hallmark Holiday” as the channel traditionally plays blocks of Christmas favorites during the month.

Binge-watching Christmas movies aside, people are taking advantage of the shopping opportunity as the month of July is full of really good deals, also known as the “Christmas in July Sale” from reputable retailers.

Americans and Canadians also celebrate Christmas in July by having exciting Christmas parties with Christmas decorations, gift exchanges, family activities and of course hearty parties with traditional accessories.


Caravan mobile home with terrace, mobile home with Christmas decorations

In Canada, especially in Quebec, Christmas is celebrated in July with a traditional festival called ‘Noël des campeurs’, which translates as Camper’s Christmas. At the end of July, people gather at campsites across the province to enjoy a weekend of festivities. Typical activities include decorating the campsites, exchanging gifts, and the traditional turkey meal. All of that under the hot July sun!

The best ideas to celebrate Christmas in July 2021

Have a Christmas party in the off-season

Group of friends celebrating Christmas and drinking champagne.

What is the best way to celebrate Christmas in July? By hosting a themed party of your favorite holiday goodies. And don’t be afraid to overdo the activities – the more the better. Whether you are in Australia in the middle of winter or in the USA in summer, you can organize a fun exchange of gifts, decorate a gingerbread house, write letters to Santa Claus or make your own Christmas cards.

Don’t forget to gather your friends and family for a hearty feast of basic Christmas dishes, from roast turkey and mashed potatoes to apple pie and eggnog!

Decorate your house

Woman decorating Christmas tree with red baubles close-up.

Feel more Christmassy than decorating your house with festive ornaments. Make any room look as cheerful as possible with ribbons, garlands, twinkling lights, and oversized snowflakes.

When summer is where you are, switch traditional Christmas decorations for something a little more lively and creative. Instead of the typical red-green palette, play with different colors and integrate elements such as seashells, tropical flowers and plants into the decor.

Organize a brand-typical “Christmas in July” film marathon

Happy young parents with cute excited little child daughter using laptop computer sitting at Christmas table at home

Binge-watching Hallmark’s annual selection of Christmas movies is a great way to soak up the Christmas cheer in July. The network has a tradition of showing its best Christmas films in June and July as part of its annual Christmas film event in July. So grab a hot mug of mulled wine – or a piña colada – and get ready for a fun Christmas movie marathon!

Take a weekend getaway to a nearby destination

Children play during a weekend getaway

Not in the mood for celebrations and parties? Do not worry! This unofficial vacation could also be a great opportunity for those looking to travel a little! Take advantage of the merry Christmas spirit and take a weekend getaway to a nearby place you’ve always wanted to visit. It can be a ski resort, a cozy mountain town, or even a pristine beach if the temperatures are warm and comfortable.

Frequently asked questions about Christmas in July

Who thought of Christmas in July?

The origins of this celebration are still unknown. Some say it started in a girls’ camp in North Carolina, while others believe that Christmas was invented in the Blue Mountains of Australia in July 1980.

On which dates is Christmas celebrated in July?

July 25th and July 11th.

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